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10 Movies you Need to See Before Graduating College

By on September 16, 2016

Cinematography has nothing to do with university or college.

At least this is what most people think but there are a lot of great movies about college, which you should watch before graduating.

Movies about college and student life will not tell you a lot about college essay writing service or how to pass an exam on Math but they will definitely give you useful tips on how to survive in college and get the best of this experience.

It might also inspire you to study well and be a better student.

The best movies to watch with your friends

You must be nervous about new stage in your life like most students but don’t be. Relax and watch Legally Blonde – you can achieve any goal you want, if you prove to be persistent.

Pitch Perfect is a great comedy proving that student life is not only about education but also about entertainment. It can teach how to make friends and find compromises.

The Devil wears Prada is not about student life at all but it is a great example of what awaits you in the future. It’s a nice and funny comedy that tells tells the tale of a capricious boss who takes advantage of her assistant and makes their life miserable. This is what sometimes happens in big companies and corporations. Be ready.

You will like the plot of The Social Network as you probably already use Facebook. The movie offers a nice interpretation of how to be inventive and creative in university. If you want to learn more about relationships between boys and girls, prom and graduation, watch such great comedies as Prom and 10 Things I Hate About You.

The Breakfast Club will help you find good friends and understand that sometimes two absolutely different people might become best friends.

If you are a girl, you need to remember that not every smiling girl is your friend. Watch Mean Girls to find out more about rivalry between girls in “uni.”


Thought provoking films

Some movies help to understand what college is all about and how to find a college paper writing service. Others are about the reality you face after graduation. These are not lighthearted films, per se, but rather ones that make you think seriously about life in general.

Good Will Hunting is an excellent movie about talented boy and his professor. It helps us understand how different real college life is from what students might imagine.

The Pursuit of Happyness is a movie that can motivate you to study better. It tells a story about a man who goes through a difficult and harrowing journey but ultimately becomes a millionaire.

Another motivating movie based on a real story is Stand and Deliver. This is a story about seeking possibilities and opportunities no matter what you are told. It helps to believe in yourself and pursue your dreams.

Of course, it’s always possible to continue the list of good comedies and dramas about college life but these are a good place to start and probably offer the best guides for budding students.

Our advice? Take a short break from your studies and find time to watch them.

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