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The 8 Best Fictional Lawyers of All Time (From a Lawyer’s Perspective)

By on January 19, 2017

Bob Odenkirk as Saul Goodman. Photo Credit AMC

Author Carl Parslow has written about law for a number of publications and is the partner of Jersey law firm Parslows.

In the world of television, lawyers have ranged from being manipulative geniuses intent on screwing the legal system for their own personal gain, to champions of the innocent underdog, to suave and sexy love interests, to complete comic fodder — and everything in between.

As a lawyer in the real world and the partner of a law firm in Jersey, I have a special gavel-shaped place in my heart for television lawyers.

We love them because the stakes are always so high; it’s life and death, guilty and innocent, prison and freedom. Not all of them are particularly accurate portrayals of the job, and some of them are completely ludicrous, but there’s always that element of familiarity, even if it’s only a faint shadow of reality.

So after plenty of research and debating, here is a list of the eight best fictional TV lawyers of all time.

Alan Shore (The Practice and Boston Legal)

Quite possibly the smartest lawyer on this list, Shore is an interesting character because of the way he is driven by his moral core. He prefers to represent the underdog and, if winning their case means breaking the law, that’s what he’ll do. He knows the legal system and he knows it well, but he does not respect it.

Shore is good at his job, he is passionate about his job and yet, at the same time, he hates his job. He is a walking contradiction, the kind who could only exist on TV, and he’s fascinating to watch. After The Practice finished, he got his own TV show. Yet, he’s not the only TV lawyer to get that honor…

Photo credit: ABC

Photo credit: ABC


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