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90’s Trends Revisited

By on August 25, 2016

Looking back on the past we often laugh and hope trends never come back in style. Most do not, but there’s no stopping the fashion cycle for others. Recently I’ve encountered a few people who are surprised (for better or worse) their favorite trends from the 90s have returned. In reality, there are a lot of trends that have come back in waves over the past couple years.

Looking back at 90’s fashion:

The first major fashion movement of the 90s was due to the mainstream popularity of grunge in 1994. Grunge ushered in a more casual, unkempt look that continued through the rest of the decade with simple jeans and tees. Casual became cool. The mid-90s also saw rise to the “school girl” chic look due to popular characters in Empire Records, The Craft, and Clueless. Later trends included a return to the preppy lifestyle, Asian influences, hip-hop, and rave culture. Beauty trends, like fashion, shifted with the popularity of grunge giving rise to dark lipsticks and eye make up. Eventually grunge make up faded away to neutrals and later glitter and metallics (as if the future would be made 100% of silver tones).

Fast forward to 2016:

Many of these trends could be incorporated into 2016 very simply. For example, scrunchies are, of course, useful and add a hint of color to a boring ponytail. There are many more worth trying but I say proceed with caution. Don’t try to wear too many at once because you may just look like a candidate for a movie montage makeover. Also, maybe avoid body glitter. That can stay in the 90s….forever.

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