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Abrams Admits to Cutting Benedict Cumberbatch Naked Shower Scene

By on May 23, 2013

Benedict Cumberbatch. © 2013 - Paramount Pictures

Star Trek Into Darkness might have featured a shower scene featuring Benedict Cumberbatch, it was revealed recently.

Speaking on the Conan show on May 22, Trek director JJ Abrams confessed that a scene featuring Cumberbatch’s Harrison did not make the final cut. The director’s comments came amid controversy from some fans regarding the amount of naked female flesh featured in the movie, particularly where Alice Eve’s character was concerned. Abrams responded by referencing a clip with a naked Kirk (Chris Pine) and a scene featuring Cumberbatch in the shower. Not to disappoint legions of fans, Abrams supplied the brief clip which was then aired on the show.

Catch it below.

What do you think? Should the scene have made the final cut or was there enough flesh on screen at it was?

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