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Box Office Review October 31st 2011

By on October 31, 2011

Puss in Boots marched into the number one slot this Halloween weekend, ousting the popular Paranormal Activity 3 from pole position. Johnny English Reborn was knocked from the top 10 after poor box office receipts, although the movie did better abroad this weekend. The Three Musketeers also suffered a disappointing weekend, grossing just $3.5 Million.


Friday 28th October to Sunday 30th October

Title Weekend Gross
1 Puss in Boots $34M $34M
2 Paranormal Activity 3 $18.5M $81.3M
3 In Time $12M $12M
4 Footloose $5.4M $38.4M
5 The Rum Diary $5.01M $5.01M
6 Real Steel $4.7M $73.9M
7 The Three Musketeers $3.5M $14.8M
8 The Ides of March $2.7M $33.5M
9 Moneyball $2.4M $67.4M
10 Courageous $1.8M $27.6M


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