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Carrie Teaser Trailer Starring Chloe Mortez

By on October 18, 2012
Chloe Mortez in Carrie. Image © Sony Pictures

Chloe Mortez in Carrie. Image © Sony Pictures

The teaser trailer for the new adaptation of the classic Carrie has just been released online. Despite the skeptics’ displeasure with the idea of recreating such an iconic film, Moretz’s Carrie is looking to be both terrifying and pitiable in this version.

If any young actor could bring the character Carrie to the 21st Century, we have a feeling it’s Chloe Grace Moretz who can do it. So it’s a good job she was cast. Judging from the teaser trailer, the young heroine and her telekinetic rampage are looking as ominous as you’d hope. It’s enough to make you consider setting FoxyBingo aside for a night next spring, to go and see it. Will it be worth it, or a waste of an evening?

For those unfamiliar with the story, Carrie is based on the novel by Stephen King. It follows a teenager called Carrie White, a loner who struggles with both her school life, where she has no friends, and her home life with her controlling and religious mother. Oh, and she also happens to have developed telekinetic powers she can’t control.

Her life is certainly no picnic. What do you get when you partner an unhappy life with unexplainable powers? The trailer below teases us with a glimpse of that outcome, ending with a brief shot of Carrie, drenched in blood and surrounded by devastation in the street.

The original film starred Sissy Spacek in the central role, and was such a success it makes sense people would be concerned. However let’s think of it less as a re-make of the movie, and more as another adaptation of the book. If you can have several versions of Wuthering Heights, you can have more than one Carrie.

Co-starring Julianne Moore, Carrie will open in April 2013. Exciting stuff.