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New Trailer for Disney’s Wreck-It Ralph

By on September 12, 2012

Image © Disney Animation Studios

“I’m bad, and that’s good!” starts the Bad Guys’ Affirmation … but Ralph doesn’t believe it. Can poor Ralph, the villain of an old-fashioned video game, buck the system and become a hero? Wreck It Ralph, the upcoming 3D animated video-game based film from Disney Animation Studios, is looking more promising with every new clip.

Check out John C. Reilly’s wonderful vocal performance as Ralph, in the new trailer below, along with the unforgettable Sarah Silverman as an obnoxiously cutesy little girl character from the aptly named children’s game Sugar Rush, and Glee‘s Jane Lynch as a tough-as-nails soldier in the first person shooter Hero’s Duty.

Wreck-It Ralph  is directed by former Simpsons and Futurama animation director Rich Moore, and will arrive in theaters on November 2, 2012.

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