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Stan Lee Media Inc. Files Lawsuit Against ‘Conan’

By on August 23, 2011

Is the Conan movie cursed?

First it preformed dismally at the box office on its opening weekend. Next, an anonymous Lionsgate exec not so subtly suggested that leading man Jason Momoa might be to blame for the movie’s poor reception (It’s honestly the first time I’ve heard of an actor being criticized for bringing something original to a performance) and now Stan Lee Media Inc. is filing a Federal lawsuit which claims the Conan character is rightfully theirs.  The company is also seeking 100% of the movie’s proceeds.

In 2000, Stan Lee Midia Inc. (SLMI) acquired full ownership of Conan Properties, but the company went bankrupt the following year and saw its assets diverted.  Over a decade of protracted litigation followed in which SLMI struggled to reclaim many of its intellectual properties.

In 2001, an agent of the company transferred ownership of Conan Properties.  SLMI argues that this transfer of the Conan character was void because at the time the company was in a state of bankruptcy and therefore protected from unauthorized transfer by the automatic bankruptcy stay.

SLMI’s filed its latest lawsuit on the same day Conan the Barbarian opened in theaters.

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