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A Newbie’s Guide to Las Vegas

By on December 12, 2016

Who ever said that what happens in Vegas should stay in Vegas?

Set in the Mojave desert, this stunning resort, known for its many vibrant entertainment destinations, including the famous 4 mile Strip, is too special not to be kept on the hush hush.

Replete with a series of splendid themed hotels and casinos, Vegas’ main boulevard is home to replicas of the Venetian grand canal, the Eiffel tower and an Egyptian pyramid to name but a few.

From testing your luck at a casino to soaking up Vegas’ multi-layered history, our guide to Vegas’ best attractions has something for everyone, and with the average room rate starting at a little over 200 dollars, there really is no reason to miss out.

But if you are thinking of taking a trip, be sure to plan your visit in advance to get the most from this unique resort.

Book Show Ticket Well in Advance

Taking in a show has never been easier, and with online websites such as Las Vegas Show Tickets, and others, you can plan your night’s entertainment well in advance, making sure you don’t miss out on the latest show. From Penn and Teller to Celine Dion, there’s something here to suit everyone’s tastes.

Dining Out – What to Know, Where to Go

All you can eat buffets, Japanese robata, Korean BBQs, and even famous food challenges for the adventurous, Vegas has something to offer even the most discerning palette. Overwhelmed for choice? Check out the 38 Essential Vegas Restaurants and maybe make a booking today?

Casino Etiquette

It wouldn’t be a trip to Las Vegas without a stop at a glamorous casino, and here, there really is something for everyone.

From Roulette to Poker there has never been an easier way to have fun, part with some cash (or maybe even add to your wallet) and meet new people. Our tip? Acquaint yourself with bar and casino etiquette so you don’t annoy the locals!

Of course, the best way to prepare yourself for the experience is to learn how to play first. You’ll an excellent Casino Guide containing the best gambling sites on the web which will prepare even the most novice gambler you for the Poker, Craps or Roulette tables.

Staying Safe

People-watching, Rubbernecking, lollygagging. Whatever you want to call it, taking a stroll down the Strip can be an eye-opening and rewarding experience, especially under the glow of night time lights. While you can expect to rub elbows with all walks of life, some simple safety rules will ensure your Vegas trip will be a memorable one. Stick to well-lit, well-traveled tourist areas, like the Strip and Fremont Street. Use the bus, a cab or even the Strip monorail while traveling at night. Keep your valuables out of sight, and don’t take more credit cards or cash than you need, and if you’re gambling at a table game, keep an eye on your chips at all times.

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