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Tarzan Returns Once Again, This Time to the Smallest Screens

By on November 2, 2016

Tarzan is probably one of the most adapted characters ever to be put on paper.

During his “career” as the King of the Jungle, John Clayton, Viscount Greystoke, has been the protagonist of at least a two dozen books written by his creator, Edgar Rice Burroughs, and he also appeared in a series of official (and unofficial) novels, novellas, and short stories.

During his on-screen adventures, Tarzan has been portrayed by 20 actors on the big screen (so far), not counting the several animated features, TV series, Broadway plays, and video games he was part of.

This year, Tarzan has returned once again to the big screen, portrayed by Swedish actor Alexander Skarsgård (a bit far from a British noble, don’t you think?), and he will return once again, this time to the smallest screens, sometime at the beginning of the next, as a video slot machine, The Legend of Tarzan, you can expect to play at the Royal Vegas Online Casino.

The Legend of Tarzan

This year has brought forth a new incarnation of the unlikely superhero (he would fit into any Marvel comic book, don’t you think?) has received mixed reviews, despite grossing about $350 million worldwide. The critics praised it for bringing a breath of fresh air into a classic character, but bashed the movie for its “sluggish pace and generic plot”. Most of the movie’s critics expected a better job from director David Yates after his work on several Harry Potter movies. The revenues generated by the movie might not be enough for a sequel, though – discussions about the second coming of the Swedish King of the Jungle were reported as early as this July, but the studio (and the budget) will certainly have the final say about it happening.

Tarzan at the slots

I’m not a big fan of Burroughs’ fiction (I enjoyed his John Carter novels, though), so I don’t know if John Clayton ever made it to a casino. If he hasn’t by now, he will be in the near future – at least as a character featured in a video slot machine soon to be released at the Royal Vegas Online Casino.

Microgaming, the developer supplying the Royal Vegas with its amazing collection of games, has announced that it has signed a licensing agreement with Edgar Rice Burroughs Inc. to produce a slot machine based on the 100-year-old feral child raised by apes deep inside the jungles of Africa. Although there was no release schedule announced, insiders expect the game to be released sometime in the last few months of this year.

“Tarzan is recognized the world over, so we’re excited to be launching a slot hosted by this timeless character,” Roger Raatgever, CEO of Microgaming commented on the agreement this July. “Our highly talented games team relish working with a new brand, to build a game that celebrates and embraces it. Having seen the game in prototype, I can honestly say the online slot will not disappoint Tarzan fans; operators and their players can look forward to the game’s release this winter”.

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