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10 Things to Know About Once Upon a Time’s Mid Season Return

By on February 24, 2014


Once Upon a Time makes a bold return with “New York City Serenade” on March 9, and having just screened the episode, we’ve got ten tidbits to share with you below.

1. The Gang’s Back Together

“New York City Serenade” kicks off like an ambitious pilot episode for a new show rather than a mid season premiere. There are mysteries, deep character moments and special effects galore – not to mention an intriguing guest star in the form of Covert Affairs’ Chris Gorham. Additionally, you can expect to see Aurora, Prince Phillip, Robin Hood (fleshed out with the addition of some merry men) and all of our original fan favourites too. The screen is bursting with familiar faces, with the only off-note being the lack of Rumpel.

2. Where’s Rumpel?

Take heart Once fans. Belle is confident she will see her man again. “We never saw his knife” she reminds a forlorn Neal. “I think we can get him back.” You’d better, Once Upon a Time! This show would not be the same without Robert Carlyle.

3. Reminding Us Why We Love Regina

And the zingers award goes to Regina. Lana Parrilla must have had some fun with her lines this episode. From her haughty “Show some respect – or at least some restraint at the buffet!” to an indignant “He smells like forest!” the evil queen is on top form.

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4. Who’s Castle is it Anyway?

Now that everyone is back in the Fairytale Land that was … is … should be … who gets the castle? Expect to see some wrangling between Snow and Regina for rights. Let’s not be too hasty girls. We hear someone wicked may have beaten you both to it.

5. Monkeys Will Fly out of My … Bush? 

New CGI creatures! We love them! Once has been a little hit and miss when it comes to its fantastical creatures. (For the record we loved the Not Dementors but hated that season one dragon). These little guys are genuinely terrifying. And intriguingly deceptive.

6. The Red Leather Jacket is Now an Icon

Emma’s red leather number has its own scene.

7. Everyone’s doing it …

… Getting pregnant that is. Expect to see two familiar faces sporting a baby bump.

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8. Hook is in a New York State of Mind

Yep, that really is Hook in New York, and yes he really is trying to get Emma to remember her real life – you know the one where her parents are royalty and she’s really a kickass princess and saviour of the world? When put in those terms, we can understand just how hard it’s going to be for Hook to get through to Ms Swan. Maybe a kiss will seal the deal? Probably not, Killian!

9. Tell Us What You Like About Yourself

In his own words Hook is a “Dashing Rapscallion.” Just so you know.

10. Erase and Rewind

Bravo to the show for an ingenious new storyline that will be sure to keep fans guessing for the remainder of the season, and possibly beyond. There’s more to the next collection of episodes than the curse being erased. It looks like something else was erased too. But we’re not going to spoil you on that front …

Catch Once Upon a Time’s “New York City Serenade” Sunday March 9 on ABC.


One Comment

  1. Jess

    February 24, 2014 at 6:37 pm

    I can’t wait for Belle to go find Rumple!

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