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10 Things to Know About The Revenge Season 3 Premiere “Fear”

By on September 9, 2013

Emily Van Camp as Emily Thorne. Image © ABC

Are you ready for a summer of fun in the Hamptons?

Revenge returns to ABC on Sunday September 29th, but, you may be asking yourself, does it return to form?

Last season, we thought the show made some creatively brave decisions which ultimately saw several plot lines spiralling away from the basic and fun aspects of the first season – clearly defined bad guys, red sharpie moments, extravagant parties, Nolan’s priceless quips, Victoria and Ems playing verbal tennis over cups of tea, and of course the Revegenda itself.

The show returns under the helm of new showrunner Sunil Nayar this Fall, and for some this change of guard has been a concern. However, if the season premiere sets the tone for the remainder of the season, we think fans are in safe hands.

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ABC offered us a screening of the first episode “Fear” this weekend, and we have to admit to being pretty excited by what we saw. Every character’s purpose seems more clearly defined, and their desires and objectives reaffirmed. Extraneous plot lines have been pared down to two or possibly three points of interest which we’ll see maturing over the season ahead. The dialogue zinged and there was a distinct season one ‘desire to impress’ to proceedings throughout.

While we’re not allowed to print details that will outright spoil your experience of the September 29th premiere (and we wouldn’t want to either) we can provide you some interesting nuggets to help tide you over until the premiere hits our screens. Check them out below.


1. Time Jump

“Fear” is set a full six months after the events of last season’s finale. At first we were sceptical of the time jump, but then we saw how the shift helped clear the air of all things Initiative, Carrion, Nolcorp, Charlotte’s grief, Jack’s shock at discovering Emily is really Amanda, and Victoria and Conrad’s feuding. Season three really is a departure from everything that has gone before. We looking at a trimmed down, sleek and pacy new season folks!


2. Victoria’s New Lease on Life

In one of the opening scenes we see Daniel expressing some ugly thoughts on Victoria. “We can only hope she’s in such a dark lonely place that we never hear from her again,” he confides to Emily. Well, if by that he means slo-mo horse-riding in the sunshine, accompanied by a beautiful sound track and the even more beautiful Justin Hartley then absolutely. It’s a dark, dark pit of despair, and we feel sorry for you Victoria.

Victoria claims that Patrick has “changed her heart” over the last six months. Can Emily re-break it just as quickly?


3. Nolan’s Prison Digs

Were you hoping to see Nolan in prison? (We admit it. We totally were.) Then you’re in luck. In a scene reminiscent of season one (but in reverse), we’ll get to see Ems visiting Nolan behind bars. Just briefly. Nobody’s allowed to languish in this episode.


4. The Zings are Even Zingier

Careful, you may just prick yourself on the barbs this premiere serves up. From “Emily, it’s a shame you still feel the need to drop by unannounced,” to “Nolan 2 point No!” to “I work for a lot of different charities making sure people get what they deserve,” the one-liners, casual putdowns and scathing asides are truly on form. You’ll laugh. Guiltily.


5. Charlotte’s New Look

Charlotte’s got a whole new look and a whole new attitude to match this season. The youngest Grayson is all grown up this summer and she’s not beyond a few trademark Grayson threats of her own. This could be a turning point for the talented Christa B. Allen’s underused Charlotte? We hope so. We certainly enjoyed all of her scenes this episode.


6. Artic Pools, Layla. Arctic Pools!

We love Henry Czerny’s Conrad … but we wouldn’t like to be him right now.


7. The State of the Revegenda

We spoke above about how the premiere is bursting with freshness, but we ought to add that it’s also bursting with all the most juicy elements of the show. There’s a very strong recommitment to the Revegenda on display, as well as the season’s first Red Sharpie moment (we won’t spoil you on that front), and some great Nolanisms too. If you’ve seen the season 3 promo trailer then you may have spotted the our favorite reclusive ex-billionaire dropping in spectacularly (and strategically!) by parachute.


8. Nolan Two-Point-No

What’s this? Has Nolan really decided to put the programming, spying, hacking and general electronic tampering life behind him? Say it isn’t so.


9. Who’s Margaux?

Does Emily have competition? We’re thinking yes. Meet Margo (guest star Karine Vanasse) French, smart, capable and braless, apparently. (Daniel’s observation, not ours.) Margaux is in town to start an American version of her father’s French Magazine, but bumps into old flame Daniel at a local bar. The sparks don’t exactly fly, but it’s obvious there’s more here than meets the eye initially. Tread carefully, Margaux.


10. Jack and Emily Have the Talk

… and we’re not going to say any more about it, except that’s it one of the most emotionally-charged scenes the show has ever produced.


11 … What About Aidan?

Wait for it …

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