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4 Sneak Peeks at New Girl’s “Cooler” Episode

By on January 25, 2013

©2012 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Patrick McElhenney/FOX

A “Bro’s Night” out turns into full-fledged competition between Nick and Schmidt for the affections of a beautiful woman who is attracted to sadness in New Girl’s “Cooler” Episode.

Meanwhile, Winston falls for a girl with absolutely no interest in him – which only makes him more attracted to her.

Then, after Jess is excluded from the night out – for her alleged ‘cooling effect’ on the women the guys are trying to attract, she decides to have a night alone in the loft.

However, her night doesn’t go as planned and involves another round of the drinking game “True American,” and a surprising development in her relationship with one of the loft mates!

Catch four sneak peeks from “Cooler” below and catch the episode Tuesday January 29th on FOX.




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