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4 Sneak Peeks From Once Upon a Time Episode 2.11 “The Outsider”

By on January 9, 2013


Grumpy asks the one question on everyone’s mind in the first of 4 new sneak peeks from Once Upon a Time’s January 12th episode “The Outsider.”

A recent death by means of magic has made the townsfolk wary of being discovered by outsiders, now that the curse is broken. Sure, Storybrooke may have Penicillin, but it’s not home.

Meanwhile, Belle has trouble understanding Hook’s infatuation with Mr Gold following an apparent attack by the Guylinered one, Snow gives a moving speech at the funeral of one of Storybrooke’s most beloved fairytale characters, and in the Fairytale land that was, Belle and Mulan team up to save a village from a fierce Yaoguai.

Catch Once Upon a Time, Sunday January 12th on ABC.


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