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5 Minute Sneak Peek at the Suits Season 3 Premiere

By on July 12, 2013

Gabriel Macht as Harvey. Image © USA Network

Check it out Suits fans: five minutes of sneak peek goodness from the July 16th season premiere “The Arrangement” courtesy of USA Network.

What would Harvey (Gabriel Macht) do if he felt his back was against the wall? If you guessed ‘come out with both fists swinging’ then this clip proves you’re right.

Watch as the Pearson Darby’s best closer squeezes the manager of a client for more money.

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And then see see firsthand just how annoyed Jessica (Gina Torres) is to discover how Harvey’s dangerous bluff played out. For a man stuck with a merger he hates and a non-compete he can’t wiggle out of, Harvey really knows how to make his unique presence felt.

Catch the return of Suits Tuesday July 16th on USA.

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