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5 Sneak Peeks Ahead of ABC’s Revenge Episode 1.15 ‘Chaos’

By on February 14, 2012

Emily struggles with chaos at the Fire & Ice Engagement Party. Image copyright ABC Television Network.

Chaos is without doubt the most highly anticipated episode of ABC’s Revenge to date. What exactly happened at the Fire and Ice engagement party in the pilot episode? Is the body on the beach really that of Daniel? Who stole Emily’s Infinity box and how does Jack Porter come to be mixed up in events in such a dramatic way. Take a sneak peek at these 5 clips from Wednesday’s Chaos and see if you can piece the puzzle elements together. Jack tells Nolan and Emily he’s off to Haiti to build a school, Daniel tells his mother (but tellingly not Emily) that his future plans involve a move to Paris, Charlotte appears to be in a very bad place and the comparisons between Victoria and her future daughter in law continue to paint her in a bad light.

Catch Chaos Wednesday February 15th on ABC.





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