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5 Things to Know about Castle’s “In The Belly of the Beast”

By on March 1, 2014

(ABC/Nicole Wilder) STANA KATIC

Could Castle’s upcoming “In the Belly of the Beast” be the show’s best episode of the season?

We think so. We’re fresh off an advance screening of Monday’s episode and we bring you a warning. Prepare to be shocked!

While we’re not about to spoil you with facts that might ruin your enjoyment of the episode, we have 5 key tidbits to share which we feel sure will mentally prepare you for what’s to come. Bring popcorn, a pillow and kleenex. You’re going to need them all.

1. A Really Good Font

When Beckett tells Castle on a lazy Saturday morning that what they both need right now is “a really good font” it’s every bit as suggestive as it sounds. Laugh it up audience. It’s all terror from here on out.

2. Double Identity

“In the Belly of the Beast” is aptly titled. The episode sees Beckett being asked to impersonate a low key female drugs mule who has been taken out of action following an unfortunate incident. Sharing the same height, colouring and ability to speak fluent Russian, Beckett is given the opportunity to go undercover, posing as the other woman, for a quick meeting in a local hotel. There it is  hoped she may be able to bust a drugs ring. Imagining she’ll be home in time for dinner, Beckett accepts the assignment. There’s just one little thing. The other woman is not who we think she is, and Beckett’s quick gig turns into a fight for her life. Expect murder, torture and some very dark material from this Castle instalment.

3. Love Letters Straight From the Heart

Despite the darkness of this particular episode, or perhaps because of it, fans will be treated to a beautifully penned letter from Beckett to Castle outlining exactly what it is he means to her. Less romance and more realism, it’s not to be missed, Caskett fans.

4. Kill Or Be Killed

What would you do if your life depended on you taking the life of another innocent person? This is just one of the gut-wrenching positions in which Beckett finds herself this week.

5. Where To From Here?

Why do we like this episode so much? The simple answer is layers (and knock-it-out-of-the-park acting from Stana Katic). “In the Belly of the Beast” builds upon each previous scene with more intrigue, higher stakes, worsening circumstances and nail-biting tension – all set to the creepiest musical score we’ve heard on TV in quite some time. To boot, there’s an open-ended finale which means we haven’t seen the last of this particular storyline. It’s one we think fans will be buzzing about for some time to come.

Castle’s “In the Belly of the Beast” airs Monday Monday, March 3 (10:00-11:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network.

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