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5 Things to Know About Drop Dead Diva’s June 23rd Return

By on June 14, 2013

Jane (Brooke Elliott) Confronts Paul (Justin Deeley) in Drop Dead Diva's Season Premiere "Back From the Dead." Image © Lifetime

Yes that’s right, after a cancellation scare earlier this year, Drop Dead Diva returns for a fifth season on June 23rd 2013. The series, focusing on a beautiful but vapid model who is reincarnated in the body of a plain but brilliant lawyer, featured a season 4 finale cliffhanger which saw Jane’s (Brooke Elliott) plans to marry Owen (Lex Medlin) thrown into turmoil when her buried feelings for Grayson (Jackson Hurst) led to a kiss. Moments later that kiss led to Owen’s heart attack.

The potential resolution to this particular plot line has kept fans buzzing ever since season 5 was officially given a green light. Finally answers are on the way. Is Owen dead? Has Real Jane returned to Earth? What about the wedding? And who is this new guy, Paul? We had the opportunity to screen the pilot episode early, thanks to Lifetime, and although we don’t want to spoil your experience, we thought you should know that:

1. You can watch the entire fourth season (or any highlights) right now on and Netflix. With all the plot developments taking place in the first episode it might be a good idea to get caught up on the series while you have the chance.

2. The season five premiere is in our opinion arguably the best episode of the series, picking up events moments after the cliffhanger season 4 finale which saw Owen suffering a heart attack following Jane’s kiss with Grayson.

3. Those who checked out our recent Drop Dead Diva season premiere article (check it out below if you missed it) and are wondering if the season ahead will see a repeat of Jane searching for Owen over episodes to come need not worry. Yes, there is a search, and yes Jane finds answers. In fact there’s a whole lot of story progression in this episode, so pay close attention, especially in those closing moments.

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4. New guardian Angel Paul (Justin Deeley) isn’t the only surprise appearance in the premiere episode. “Back from the Dead” features a shock ending (we mentioned those closing moments, didn’t we?) that will reward long term fans of the show as well as changing up the playing field going forward.

5. For once Jane has a Guardian Angel who really doesn’t care about meddling in her life. New Angel Paul is just about as shallow as they come. What will it take to get him to focus on Jane’s needs? He may need to ditch that new modelling contract for one …

Catch Drop Dead Diva’s spectacular return Sunday June 23 on Lifetime.

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