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6 Spoilers For Bones Season Premiere ‘The Future in the Past’

By on September 9, 2012

Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz in Bones. Image © FOX

Bones makes a long awaited return to FOX on September 17th with ‘The Future in the Past,’ an episode which sees Brennan and her father on the run with baby Christine. Meanwhile the team scrambles to prove her innocence while facing heat from Agent Flynn of the FBI and the new by-the-book resident forensic anthropologist Doctor Clarke Edison.

With the team hesitant even to tell each other what they know, it looks like serial killer Christpher Pelant (guest star Andrew Leeds) holds all the cards.

So what can fans expect to see on the 17th? Check out Screen Spy’s 6 Season Premiere Teasers below.

1.  Hodges will go to a dark place. Wait, Hodges? Yes, that’s right. The season premiere will show a scary side to our favorite conspiracy theorist in a scene you’ll probably want to replay over and over.

2.  Shirtless Booth. Enough said. Unless we mention the tumble dryer.

3.  Pelant may want something more than to just see Brennan go down for the murder of Ethan Sawyer – and everyone wants to make sure he gets exactly what he wants.

4.  Angela is made of awesome – especially when she figures out that a triangle holds proof of Brennan’s innocence. Looks like there are three sides to every story.

5.  Brennan’s Dad will speak the truth before the episode ends, and that truth will cause Booth to reconsider his future.

6.  Watch those closing moments. This premiere comes with an Egyptian sting in its tail.

Bones premieres Monday September 17th on FOX.



  1. Beth

    September 9, 2012 at 6:34 pm

    Shirtless Booth! *____*

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