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6 Teasers for Revolution’s Season 2 Premiere “Born In The USA”

By on September 7, 2013

David Lyons as Gen. Sebastian Monroe -- Photo by: Nino Munoz/NBC

NBC’s Revolution makes its long awaited return to a new night starting Wednesday, September 25th.

Season two of the post-apocalyptic adventure carries the torch of last season’s strengths: relationships, action, and grubby looking people. In “Born In The USA” we see the ramifications of Rachel’s choice and what the president being alive means for the fallen states of America. Gone are the days of taking back (and turning on) the power, of searching for love and loved ones. Turning the lights back on did not provide the answers everyone was searching for, cuing the era of the wanderer.

ScreenSpy had the opportunity to view the premiere of last season’s breakout hit before it airs later this month. While we can’t share explicit details, below we’ve got a taste of what’s to come following the season one finale cliffhangers.

1. Last season there were quite a few platonic and romantic entanglements ranging in both shape and degree. In the season premiere the web doesn’t just grow, but in some ways is re-spun. Don’t expect every ally and enemy to harbor the same feelings or hold the same power.

2. The themes of family and survival are further explored and tested. The show struggled during its first season to find a balance between the emotional and gritty aspects of the larger story. “Born In The USA” does a nice job of weaving it all together into a cohesive, engaging, and evolving thrill ride.

3. As the premiere shows us, a lot has happened since we learned the President was still alive and the game of survival has new rules, especially when it comes to warfare. While there may be fewer action sequences, fans of the show’s harder action elements will not be disappointed. The role of weaponry and combat are still large and ever expanding.

4. During its freshman run the series played with time as a storytelling technique, and this tradition continues in the premiere. Where and when we start though may not be where and when we left off after the gang turned the lights back on. In addition to playing time hopscotch, the series will continue to use flashbacks as a means of answering questions.

5. Speaking of flashbacks, the season two premiere uses them rather effectively to introduce key new players in Revolution‘s growing universe. Next to those relationships that survived last season’s finale has sprung up both new characters and connections, from the past and present. Every new character introduced is solidly illustrated giving us a better sense of the larger ways in which season two’s universe is different from season one’s.

6. Not only do the relationships expand, but so does the geography of the entire post-black out world. Watch out for glimpses of familiar places and their condition, as well as fleshed first looks at brand new locations, including the much talked about Texas.

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