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A ‘Devastating Choice’ Changes The Secret Circle’s Landscape

By on October 14, 2011

Please be aware that this article contains major spoilers for slither, the fifth episode of The Secret Circle.

Nick is determined to save Melissa

Slither saw the inexperienced Circle face their biggest threat yet in the form of a demon with the ability to take over its host and an agenda to set free its brethren, trapped inside a suitcase buried in a forest.  Using Melissa as a conduit, the demon tricked Nick, then Faye and Cassie and lastly Adam and Diana into magically unlocking and opening the case.  Luckily for the kids, Cassie’s grandmother Jane, still a powerful witch, was able to destroy the case and its imprisoned occupants, but not before the demon fled to Nick’s body.

Attempting to drive the demon from Nick by drowning it, Charles accidentally killed Nick along with the creature.

Nick pleads for his life

For weeks, rumors circulated about Nick’s fate while recent promotional posters pictured new cast addition Chris Zylka in place of Louis Hunter (Nick).  Secret Circle Executive Producer Andrew Miller recently referenced a ‘devastating choice’ that would be made this episode.

During a recent Chevron One interview Screenspy recently conducted with Louis, he made mention of the time he ‘was living’ (note the past tense) in Vancouver, which strongly suggested he wasn’t there anymore. This wasn’t something we immediately picked up on during our conversation, but spotted later while transcribing our phone call. Full disclosure: we felt there was a hint thrown in there and wondered whether to omit it or leave it in.  In the end, we elected to keep the wording as it was, but wondered if readers would pick up on it.

Louis Hunter: 5 Things to Know

With the writing on the wall, however obliquely, fans in the US who tuned into last night’s episode may have felt they knew what to expect, but Nick’s violent death still came as a shocking and sad surprise, and one which has effectively changed the landscape of this show overnight.

Louis Hunter Talks Sex, Teens and Secret Circle Magic

I have enjoyed Nick immensely on this show, and found the depth of thought which Louis Hunter put into bringing this damaged loner to life to be nothing short of impressive. Nick will be missed by a great many people, as I am sure will Louis’ presence on the show.

You can read our earlier interviews with Louis Hunter by following the links in the article above.

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