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Arrow’s Wondercon Sizzle Reel Showcases This Season’s Remaining Episodes

By on April 1, 2013

Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen. Image © CW Network

Cast and crew from the CW’s Arrow were present at Wondercon, Anaheim this weekend, where a new ‘sizzle reel,’ showcasing the season’s remaining episodes was showcased.

Although executive producer Marc Guggenheim was generally tight-lipped when it came to revealing major spoilers ahead, he did reveal plans for a flashback 21st episode not located on the island.

Episode 21 is the first time we flashback to a point that wasn’t on the island,” said Guggenheim. “We’ll be flashing back to before the ill-fated boat trip.”

The news may not come as such a surprise to those following Arrow coverage on ScreenSpy, as Susanna Thompson (Mora Queen) revealed details on this particular episode back in February, saying “You’re going to see more of her and Robert pre-shipwreck. We haven’t filmed it yet, but you’re going to see more of that background in an upcoming flashback episode. I think there was genuine love there with Robert, but at some point they gave up on each other. I think Moira gave up on the relationship, but she didn’t give up on the family and the things they had built together.

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In addition to Robert Queen (Jamey Sheridan) the season’s latter half is also set to see the return of Colin Salmon’s Walter Steele, Ollie’s missing step-father.

Check out the sizzle reel below.

Arrow airs Wednesdays on the CW.

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