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Bad Teacher is Coming Our Way: First Details on the Pilot Episode

By on April 1, 2014

Ari Graynor is a "Bad Teacher" Image © CBS

Bad Teacher (a new single camera comedy based on the feature film starring Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake) is coming  to CBS from April 24.

The new series stars Ari Graynor, Kristin Davis, Alan Grier, Sara Gilbert, Ryan Hansen and Sara Rodier and focuses on an always inappropriate, fearless and unapologetic former trophy wife (Graynor) who masquerades as a teacher in order to find a new man after her wealthy husband leaves her penniless.

Dumped, divorced and broke due to a bad pre-nup, Meredith Davis is inspired by her friend’s smart, awkward stepdaughter, Lily (Rodier), to devise the perfect three-step plan: 1) Pose as a teacher at Lily’s ritzy middle school; 2) Meet and marry a rich single dad; 3) Return to a lavish lifestyle.

Using a phony resume, quick-thinking Meredith effortlessly charms Principal Carl Gaines (Grier), who is easily duped and oblivious to her agenda. The faculty includes Joel (Hansen), her handsome former high school classmate turned gym teacher who sees right through her but is amused by her antics; Irene (Gilbert), a shy, introverted teacher who’s overly excited at the possibility of making a best friend; and Ginny (Davis), the up-tight faculty president and busybody who resents Meredith and suspects something’s fishy.

Meredith may be the worst teacher ever, but she’s the only one qualified to impart much-needed life lessons to Lily and her friends, while she keeps an eye out for husband #2.

CBS released first details on the pilot episode today.

“Pilot” – Former trophy wife Meredith Davis seeks a return to a life of leisure and luxury by posing as a teacher at an upscale elementary school to meet the students’ rich, single fathers and land one to marry. However, her plan hits a major snag and she faces exposure when her unconventional – and mostly unsuitable – teaching methods raise the suspicions of a fellow faculty member, on the series premiere of BAD TEACHER, Thursday, April 24 (9:31-10:01 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

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