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Beauty and the Beast Episode 1.08 ‘Trapped’ Details

By on November 15, 2012

Kristin Kruek and Jay Ryan in the CW’s Beauty & the Beast. Image © The CW Network

JT (Austin Basis) suspects that Catherine (Kristin Kreuk) is the trigger of Vincent’s (Jay Ryan) blackouts in Beauty and the Beast’s December 6th episode.

To disprove this theory, Vincent allows JT to inject him with endorphins and sedatives that force him into a fugue state. In flashback, Vincent recalls his time in Afghanistan when he received his first super soldier shot, and remembers who injected him with the DNA altering substance. He also recollects how the other soldiers experienced unpredictable side effects, including fugue states, and is relieved to know that Cat isn’t causing his blackouts.

Vincent shares his memory about Murifield with Cat, who experiences some recollections of her own. Then, as Cat and Tess (Nina Lisandrello) investigate the attempted murder of a teen pop star (guest-star Max Schneider), Evan suspects that Cat is deliberately protecting the vigilante who saved him in the subway.

Paul Fox directed the episode written by Emily Silver.

Catch Beauty and the Beast Thursday December 6 on the CW.


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  1. natasha

    November 18, 2012 at 2:45 pm

    OMG Max schneider 😀

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