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Bones Episode 8.06 ‘The Patriot in Purgatory’ Promo Trailer & Commentary From Show Creators

By on November 6, 2012

Image © FOX

In Bones’ ‘The Patriot in Purgatory,’ airing Monday November 12, the Jeffersonian interns put their competitiveness aside and come together to help solve a case involving a homeless man who appears to have been caught up in the events of September 11th.

In a recent interview with Screen Spy, creators/executive producers Stephen Nathan and Hart Hanson spoke about their investment in this particular episode.

“We’ve been trying for a long time to do an episode that revolved around that event,” Nathan told Screen Spy.  “We haven’t really found a way to do it up until this point and partly because the reality of that event should be revisited, and also, our characters were there.  Brennan, in the first season we had heard that she was one of the forensic anthropologists on the scene and worked there for two weeks identifying remains as did Cam as a coroner in New York.

So we just wanted to try to approach this subject from a completely different point of view and from a very personal point of view rather than a political point of view.  Also to deal with really not only the civilians that died but since that point, all of the service men and women who have been deeply affected by the events of that day and those people who had sacrificed their lives.  The ones that we know of and the ones we still don’t know who they are.

Stephen had a great way into the story,” Hanson revealed.  “It’s one of my favorite scripts that Stephen wrote, and his way into the story was to make the memories of 9/11 come from our squinterns.  Where were they and what happened to them?  That finally gave us a way into the story that didn’t seem exploitative or goofy. Really, every single year we’ve talked about what is the 9/11 episode that we can do this year from the first year.  We started in 2005 and finally here in the eighth season Stephen found a way to get in.  I think it’s just super.”

Also what I think we found in that is that from the interns’ point of view, they were all very young,” said Nathan. “You don’t usually hear that and we do hear it from Cam and from everyone else and clearly it changes Brennan in a very, very significant way at the end of that episode, but it was really hearing what kids went through as well as adults.  Of course we touch on religion a bit as we always do.  It was a very important episode for all of us.

Catch ‘The Patriot in Purgatory’ Monday November 12 on FOX.

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