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Booth Proposes a Getaway in the 1st of 4 Sneak Peeks at Bones “The Survivor in the Soap”

By on February 28, 2013

Image © FOX

We need beaches!” is Booth’s impassioned plea to Brennan when attempting to persuade her to take a vacation with him in this first sneak peek from Monday’s Bones episode “The Survivor in the Soap.”

While Brennan counters with a suggestion of her own (it’s educational!) Booth remains adamant. “Beach and spa, sex and room service and sleeping late. Now, that is a vacation. I want to come back stupid.

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But of course, the plans and the conversation form the calm before the storm as the case of the week soon intrudes on this personal moment.

Catch the clip below and see “The Survivor in the Soap” Monday March 4 on FOX.


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