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Casting Roundup: Once Goes Inception Deep, Beauty and the Beast Gets A Big Handsome Bad, Arrow And More

By on December 20, 2012

Once Upon a Time, perhaps bettered only by ABC’s Revenge in the flashback department, is about to go Inception-deep in the new year. Meanwhile, Arrow is looking more and more like Robin Hood with the addition of new BSG vet, James Callis, and Beauty and the Beast gains another heavenly body … with a dark agenda.

Continuing its penchant for Battlestar Galactica vets (hey we aren’t complaining) Arrow is set to add James Callis to its ever expanding roster of guest stars. Borrowing from that Gaius Baltar ‘slippery customer’ persona, Callis will play ‘Dodger’ a notorious jewel thief who forces innocent members of the public to carry out his crimes for him. Ollie and Diggle are alerted to Dodger’s nefarious deeds when the Sherwood Ruby goes missing in Starling City. Sherwood, hooded vigilantes, arrows … anyone else feeling a Robin Hood vibe?

Beauty and the Beast is about to get a Big Bad in the (heavenly) form of Senhil Ramamurthy. The Heroes and Covert Affairs vet will join ranks in 2013 as Gabe Lowen, an assistant district attorney from the upper echelons of New York Society whose primary goal is to hunt down Jay Ryan’s Vincent. Lowen is described as power-hungry, ambitious and charismatic.

JUST IN: News broke today that Ramamurthy’s role has been upped from recurring to series regular!

Meanwhile, it’s shades of Inception on Once Upon a Time as Charmed star Rose McGowan takes on the role of young Cora in a flashback episode scheduled to air in the new year. Lana Parilla’s Regina has already flashed back to scenes from her own childhood and young adulthood involving her mother Cora (Barbara Hershey). Now it’s Cora’s turn to return to a younger version of herself. We can’t help but wonder if this flashback will include an overbearing and demanding mother figure too? This may be one level too deep …

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One Comment

  1. Dulci

    January 24, 2013 at 9:42 pm

    So excited to see Senhil Ramamurthy join Beauty and the Beast. I am loving this show and the addition of Senhil will only make it all the better. He makes such a great complicated character. I can never quite figure him out. This should be lots of fun. I cannot wait for the show to return tonight.

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