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Does the New Promo for The Secret Circle’s 16th Episode Give Away Too Much?

By on February 17, 2012

Cassie delivers a decisive blow on The Secret Circle. Image © The CW

When it comes to promotional trailers for The Secret Circle, my usual complaint is that they’re just too short (yes even those delicious extended 30 second ones!)

There’s never enough footage shown to allow us to fully understand what might be going down at a particular moment. Often when we tune in the following week, it’s not what we thought.  At all. I have no problem with that. In fact, I quite enjoy the game of teasing out clues from the promo trailer each week, then tuning in to see if I was right or wrong about what exactly Cassie and Jake were doing on that dusty floor together, or if Ethan has returned to the bottle (or just lost something important) or if … well you get the idea.

But then this happened. And by this I mean the newest promo trailer for episode 16 (entitled Lucky) which shows Blackwell doing a number of suspicious looking things, including looking up an old flame, angrily overturning a table at his old home, brandishing a wicked knife and being bludgeoned to death by his daughter. Wait. What?

A clip from the trailer shows Cassie standing over the prone body of … someone, a chunk of two by four in her hands and uttering the words ‘You should have stayed away’ before delivering a savage blow.

Guys, did we just witness Cassie kill her Dad before the episode even aired?

But this is a Secret Circle trailer. So who knows. Right?

Extended Version:

The Secret Circle returns to our screens March 15th on the CW, so we have a long time to think about it.

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