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5 Things to Know About Once Upon a Time’s “Manhattan”

By on February 13, 2013

Robert Carlyle in Once Upon a Time. Image © ABC

Once Upon a Time’s upcoming “Manhattan” episode is one of the very best of the season, serving up a blend of humor, drama (with Robert Carlyle on top form as both Gold and Rumpelstiltskin) and the kind of pathos that will have Once fans reaching for the tissues, regardless of your ship.

We’d love to give you a detailed scene by scene account but we’re under instructions from ABC not to give away any major plot points for this one.

However when an episode consists only of major plot points it’s impossible not to let a few juicy tidbits out of the bag.

We’ve put together a list of 5 teasers below which we hope will get you in the mood for “Manhattan.”

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1. All that Glitters is Probably Gold

Hats off to Robert Carlyle for walking the line between concerned parent, broken-hearted lover and power-hungry villain – and all while keeping the audience onside every step of the journey. As fans have probably guessed, this really is the ultimate Gold/Rumpel storyline with plot lines that fill the gaps in this character’s storyline from what really happened during the Ogre wars to the climax of Gold’s search for his long lost son.

2. Fear the Seer

Despite our ‘rough-cut’ review copy of Sunday’s episode, the Seer truly is a sight for sore eyes – even with unfinished visual effects. Once you know your future, is there any way to avoid it, and does trying to escape fate simply seal the deal? We guess the lesson here is be careful what you think you know. Also, prepare for some predictions that will leave you scratching your head for episodes to come.

3. Everyone’s Doing it

If there’s a single theme to this episode then it surely must be “everyone’s doing it to each other.” This is one messed up family unit. Maybe Ginnifer Goodwin’s Snow has the answer after all. But could it really be that simple?

4. Heartbreak Hotel

Emma’s trip to Manhattan will break her heart. Twice. But maybe it all needed to happen this way?

5. The “Undoing” Part Has Us Worried, Frankly

We’ve been assuming Cora, Hook and Regina were Storybrooke’s biggest baddest bads, but a stirred up memory of a fateful event coupled with the episode’s final seconds leave us wondering if we’ve been looking in the wrong direction.

Once Upon a Time’s “Manhattan” airs Sunday 8/7c on ABC. And because we love you, here’s that promo trailer again.


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