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Agents of SHIELD “Girl in the Flower Dress” Recap

By on October 23, 2013

(ABC/Justin Lubin) RUTH NEGGA

By Felicia Kudronowicz

The fifth episode of “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” provided us with new information about Skye’s past and brought us back to the pilot with a deeper look into centipede.

This show is making a habit of starting far away from our SHIELD team. This time the scene opens in Hong Kong where a street magician is hard at work. His tricks seem harmless and fun and it ends with a bang when the performer produces fire out of his hand. He gets the attention of a young woman in a flower dress and she comes back to his place. Just when he is leaning in for the kiss, he opens his eyes just in time to be taken hostage. Oh dear, seems as though she only wanted him for his powers.

SHIELD is notified of the magician’s disappearance almost immediately. Apparently the team has an index aka a list of people/objects with special powers. They claim the list is short, but somehow we have trouble believing that. The magician was discovered missing when his SHIELD supervisor came to check up on him. They find out a member of the Rising Tide released this information. All eyes are on Skye, who fights to prove herself innocent, pointing the blame at Miles, another member of the Riding Tide located in Texas. They go to find him, but Skye is able to warn him. It turns out that Miles taught Skye how to be a hacker. They have a history, proven when they almost immediately get in bed together after being reunited. Skye scolds him and tells him that she doesn’t want her cover blown. Luckily as she’s looking for her shirt, May shows up, and Skye is caught.

After Agent May brings in the two hackers, they figure out that centipede (the scientist from the pilot) paid Miles one million dollars giving up information about the fire magician. Meanwhile, the girl in the flower dress convinces the fire magician that he should show off his power. Now endowed with a new name (Scorch) our once benign magician quickly becomes a power hungry villain. (It’s kind of unbelievable just how fast this happens.) SHIELD comes in to rescue him, but of course, he just attacks them instead.

In the end, the scientist (Debbie) is burned alive, along with Scorch, who is both metaphorically and physically over taken by his power. Skye’s future with SHIELD is also left open ended. Coulson scolds her, but she also reveals a huge secret to him. She became a hacker in order to find out who her parents were and all she could come up with led her to SHIELD. I’m definitely curious about that. Even though I don’t trust Skye, I don’t want her to go anywhere. She’s a fun, intriguing character and I want more!

As always the episodes keep getting stronger and the episode that airs in two weeks looks like it will be worth the wait. Check out “Girl in the Flower Dress” on Hulu or and wait impatiently with me for the next new episode November 5th 8/7c on ABC.

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