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Almost Human Is Back with “You Are Here”

By on January 14, 2014

Dorian (Michael Ealy, L) and Det. John Kennex (Karl Urban, R). Co. Cr: Liane Hentscher/FOX

This week’s Almost Human offered little that hasn’t been seen in past episodes, but it somehow felt funnier, cuter… offering us a little more bonding between android and human. There were a lot of “almosts” this week, and it gives me hope that this series will get over that hump from mediocre to really good.  The formulaic case of the week was some bad guys sporting the latest weapon – a bullet that can track down anyone.  It basically follows its victim until it hits its target.  Cool concept.

The episode begins with the creator of the software that drives the bullet being shot with a bullet being driven by his software. I can hear Alanis Morissette’s “Isn’t It Ironic” playing in the background.

John Kennex (Karl Urban) shows up at an anger management class claiming that he’s feeling great, that he’s all for the sharing of feelings.  The counsellor points out that his girlfriend abandoned him, was working with the bad guys, was responsible for the death of his team as well as the death of his pretty awesome leg.  Wow, with counsellors like that…  He again insists things are great, all unicorns and rainbows, he has a job and he can still…well, you know.  About that.  When are Detective Valerie Stahl (Minka Kelly) and Kennex going to finally go on a date?  More on that later.

Dorian (Michael Ealy) picks him up and their usual funny banter ensues.  These two really do have chemistry, so the scenes with them just talking are the best.  They’re on the case of the murdered software engineer, Anton.  An MX at the murder scene offers Kennex his theory of what happened and insults the “inferior” Dorian as well.  John shoots him in the face, and we know this means Dorian and John are friends.  Can a promise ring be far behind?  Dorian says,”You like me. You shot the MX because you like me.  I like you too.”  Aw, they’re going steady.  The interaction between the two is funny and my favorite part of the show.

Our duo visits Anton’s girlfriend Kira (guest star Annie Monroe) to see if she knows anything.  She swears she doesn’t and can’t believe that he would sell his software to arms dealers. Those same arms dealers are meeting and decide to target the girlfriend.  Kira, I’m thinking you may know something.

Back at the station, Det. Stah is looking all gorgeous and even finds time to help Kennex with the case.  In between flirting, she finds a safe deposit box of Anton’s.  How long are the writers going to drag this out? Not this week’s case but the almost dating of Kennex and Stahl.  Just go on that much anticipated awkward date you two!

Captain Maldonado almost makes a deal with the devil, i.e. one of the bad guys responsible for the deaths of John’s team, and the same bad guy who almost killed our handsome hero.  She can’t do it. I do like that the writers are bringing up what I thought would be a running storyline of the series. where is John’s bad girlfriend and her group of bad guys?

The arms dealers just won’t go away and program a bullet to kill Kira, but luckily Dorian is there to take the bullet for her.  He’s fine, sort of.  He pops back up but can only speak Korean.  Hilarious.  Thankfully, John doesn’t shoot him in the face.

They take Kira and her daughter to a safe house where those pesky bullets can’t touch her.  In typical dumb witness fashion, she leaves the safe house to get her memory scrubbed hoping that will make the bad guys not want to kill her.  Yeah, I can see boyfriend had all the brains in this relationship.  John, Dorian, and the arms dealers are all trying to get to her, arriving around the same time.  Prerequisite shoot out ensues, bad guys killed, our heroes save the day.  There’s been one episode that hasn’t ended in a shoot out.  Just one episode.

In the touchy feely moment of the night, Kennex reveals that Anton only sold his software to arms dealers to save the lives of Kira and her daughter.  In a sweet scene, she thanks John and gives him a pen that Anton used to write her love notes.  You old fashioned kids.  Still using a pen! The guest stars are consistently good each week which is another reason to hold out hope for greatness in this series, or at least almost greatness.

My main wish is that the writers would mix it up up a little.  Don’t end an episode with a shoot out, consider having the guys fall short and not solve the case at all, put them in a little real danger where we fear for their lives.  Or at least let Val and John go on a date.  The show is almost there. It returns in three weeks with the much anticipated guest starring stint of John Larroquette as Dorian’s maker.  Android meeting creator.  So much potential with that storyline.  Let’s hope the writers go there and let Almost Human finally live up to its potential.

Random Notes

  • Funny line of the night belonged to Dorian.  He asks John, “Hey, Mr. Friendly, how was angry class?” Also the whole “we’re BFF’s” conversation was priceless.
  • Maldonado thanks Kennex for not destroying any other MX’s that day.  He says the night is still young.
  • Det. Richard Paul (Michael Irby) reached a new level of jerk tonight. He’s upset that Kennex “killed” his MX and says John better watch his ass.  John ponders what Richard could possibly want with his ass. Richard also insults Det. Stahl, spewing insults about her rich father and being genetically enhanced.  Oh, if we all could be so enhanced.
  • The flirting between John and Valerie also reached a new level tonight.  She gives him an energy chew.  He’s thrilled.  Not really, but let’s pretend it’s a big deal.  He writes something to her with the pen he was just gifted.  She reads it and smiles.  We don’t get to see what it was!  Really?  I’m calling cliffhanger.


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