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Almost Human: Clone “Blood Brothers” Unite

By on December 10, 2013

Det. John Kennex (Karl Urban, R) and Dorian (Michael Ealy, L) in FOX's Almost Human. Co. Cr: Liane Hentscher/FOX

In this fifth instalment of FOX drama Almost Human, the formula from the first three episodes is back, and it’s like a breath of fresh air.

Okay, that’s overstating it a bit. There’s nothing fresh or new about this show, but after the hiccup of last week’s Breaking Bad rehash, this was a welcome return to the robromance we caught glimpses of in the early episodes.

The focus was back on our two enjoyable leads, cop John Kennex (Karl Urban) and his almost human android partner, Dorian (Michael Ealy).  The humor also returned, with the banter between the partners resembling an old married couple who claim to hate each other but couldn’t live without the other.  Crime of the week will again be solved in the allotted time, prerequisite shoot out is sure to come near the end, our heroes will never be in great danger, and the bad guys will get it in the end. Okay, let’s get started.

The opening scene has Kennex waiting not so patiently for his partner.  He finally heads up to Dorian’s and catches a not soon forgotten glimpse into android living quarters.  One of the newer model androids gets out of the shower to full Monty greet Kennex with his not so anatomically correct nakedness.  The droid looks like a Ken doll in the crotch area, and John can’t seem to take his eyes away.  Hilarious! On the way to the station Dorian laments his awful living conditions and says he needs his own place. Do I hear a Bert and Ernie living situation far behind?  Just start shacking up, boys. Kennex needs to know if Dorian is like that “down there.”  Dorian shows him his android junk with John fascinated, asking, “Is all that for one person? Put it away. You’re a robot. What do you do with it?”

Co. Cr: Liane Hentscher/FOX

Co. Cr: Liane Hentscher/FOX

Dorian deadpans, “The same thing you do – nothing.” Then he teases Kennex about Detective Stahl liking him, imitating her voice, “John, your fake leg is sexy.” Love the give and take of these two, chemistry intact, dudes giving each other hell in true bromance mode.

The crime of the week is a bad guy on trial for a murder with Captain Maldonado (Lili Taylor) taking on a bigger role to put this one away. She testifies for the prosecution and things are not going well.  Maldonado seems to have a vendetta against the accused, Ethan Avery (guest star Alex Miller).  She says there are two eyewitnesses that saw the defendant commit the murder.

The two witnesses are holed up in a hotel room – a normal looking lady, Hailey,  and a kooky psychic, Maya. A lone officer is protecting both. I’m no psychic, but I’m thinking that deputy dog is not going to be enough to keep these ladies safe.  Normal witness takes the stand from her hotel room in the cool, futuristic tech moment of the night.  Her hologram appears on the witness stand just in time for everyone to see her get blown away by some bad guys busting into the hotel room.  Kooky (guest star Megan Ferguson) is in the bathroom because, duh, she’s a psychic and must’ve seen all this coming. She escapes through a window with Dorian finding her in some nearby woods.

Capt. Maldonado (Lili Taylor, second from R) escorts Ethan (guest star Alex Miller, second from L) in the Blood Brothers episode of Almost Human. Co. Cr: Liane Hentscher/FOX

Capt. Maldonado (Lili Taylor, second from R) escorts Ethan (guest star Alex Miller, second from L) in the Blood Brothers episode of Almost Human. Co. Cr: Liane Hentscher/FOX

Avery is more than smug with Capt. Maldonado, gloating over his good fortune that one witness is dead.  He gets under her skin by talking about her sad lonely life, all those men at work and not one notices you.  At the end of the day it’s just you, alone. He’s creepy and hits Maldonado below the belt, just the way we like our villains.

Kooky is safe and sound at the station proclaiming her psychic ability and saying Hailey, the normal witness, saw who killed her.  It was Ethan Avery.  Kennex is less than impressed, after all how could Avery do it when he was in the courtroom.  Silly, John, don’t you know this is the future where face changers and Ken crotches co-exist in harmony?

Rudy discovers through voice recognition that, shocker, it was Ethan Avery!

Our boys are transporting Kooky to another location with her Rorschach ink-blotting John’s special aura. She says his energy is troubling, Dorian nodding in agreement.  She also reports that someone is coming at you, there’s a smell of bourbon, the psychoanalysis is cut short when bad guys in a creepy van shoot out the car.  In spite of enough bullets ringing out to overthrow a small government, only Kooky is shot, once. Our buddy cops know what they’re dealing with when they discover Avery’s clone is one of the dead bad guys.

Kooky is recovering in the hospital and confides in Dorian that her parents died in a car accident before her 19th birthday. Ironically, she can’t use her psychic abilities to communicate with them. Her house burned down leaving nothing behind that they touched, something she apparently needs to communicate with the dead.

The Clones (guest stars Alex Miller (L) and Justin Breault (R)) arrive with Valerie (Minka Kelly, C) in the "Blood Brothers" episode of Almost Human. Co. Cr: Liane Hentscher/FOX

The Clones (guest stars Alex Miller (L) and Justin Breault (R)) arrive with Valerie (Minka Kelly, C) in the “Blood Brothers” episode of Almost Human. Co. Cr: Liane Hentscher/FOX

Meanwhile, Detective Stahl is taken by evil, Avery clones.  You know Kennex will have none of that nonsense.  The clones negotiate a deal to trade Detective Stahl for their clone daddy Avery.  Band of cloned Blood Brothers need to stay together.  The deal is made and Maldonado uses the cool, hologram technology to make it seem that Avery is there, getting out of the van when he’s really back at the jail. Gotta love holograms.  There’s a slight glitch and the clones are tipped off. Cue in romantic music, I mean shoot out, where the good guys escape injury and Detective Stahl is rescued.  Dorian has the badass move of the night when he chases down the van and flips it with his bare hands.  Who knew he could do that?

Kooky testifies impersonating a normal person, helping to put away Avery for a long, long time.

Capt Maldonado gets to have another smug-off with Avery and she’s taking home the trophy on this one.  She says you’re going to jail for the rest of your life and in a low blow, tells him you’ll be forgotten, like you never existed. To add insult to injury, the cute prosecutor tells her she did a good job, and she looks like she was just asked to prom by the star quarterback.  You go, girl!  Maldonado is a girl, right?

In the sweet Dorian moment of the night, he gives Kooky a box. He says there was an arson investigation in your house and this is all the evidence. Maybe there’s something in it that helps. Kooky psychic finds a door knob and cries and laughs and we know she’s talking to her parents. Aw, Dorian, you’re the man!  Well, sort of man.  Man droid?

Final scene of the eppy has Kennex still at the station watching TV alone.  Stahl comes in and asks if he finally wants to make out.  Or if he just wants company. She comes bearing gifts, booze, specifically bourbon. Kooky, you really could see the future.  I have questions for you.  What’s going to happen next? Will Kennex and Stahl finally seal the deal? Will Almost Human keep to the cute, buddy cop comedy formula after last week’s awful misstep?  Will the ratings improve enough for this show to develop the relationship between the gorgeous leads?  Will they finally move in together and start sharing outfits?

I’m enjoying the formula and will be tuning in next week to watch the same old thing, same crime solved in 45 minutes, and same funny dialogue.  Maybe they’ll even throw in some more cool, futuristic gadgets, minus the disturbing Ken crotch shot.  Please.


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