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The Four Being Human Finale Theories That Are Haunting Us

By on April 5, 2014

Pictured (L-R): Meaghan Rath, Sam Witwer, Sam Huntington, Kristen Hanger -- Photo by: Art Streiber/Syfy

By Erin Resnick and Abbey White

Being Human‘s fourth season was touted as a whirlwind of risks and action. The finale has had twice as much buzz, but until recently the general consensus seemed to hold some “darkest timeline” expectations. Fans of the series will be the first to tell you that everything on this show, even when it’s positive, hurts. The presumption also fits with the rest of the season’s escalating tone, particularly after the alternative universe arc came within inches of emotionally destroying viewers.

The mood surrounding the final episode began to change, however, after series co-creator Anna Fricke shared that the finale is “Truly a love letter to you guys,” while live tweeting last week’s episode. Things then got a bit head-scratch worthy after a synopsis and promotional photos were released earlier this week for a finale poetically titled “Welcome to the Neighborhood: Part III.”

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So what could Being Human‘s last hour have in store? How will it effectually tie up the series, acting as a declaration of love to its viewers while simultaneously “wrecking the car,” as series star Sam Witwer has described? We aren’t sure if it’s even possible to be these things which seem so opposing in nature. That didn’t stop us from guessing how though, and now ScreenSpy has four possible endings that may or may not live up to the challenge. 

All Out Of Blood

Theory: The easiest way to wreck the car beyond repair is also the most obvious. Everyone dies.

Are happy endings possible on a show which centers on supernatural beings struggling and fighting so hard to be “human”? The roommates have become entangled in a battle against the entire house and all the evil that lies within. Can they all make it out alive? Maybe the best chance of saving any future carnage and victims of the house is if our beloved roomies pay the ultimate price. Ramona’s abilities seem to go deeper than what we have seen at this point. Over forty years of stirring and plotting reside within the little girl’s innocent looking exterior, but does she harness enough power to end the lives of the foursome? Will they be able to stand together and fight against her?

Watching characters we’ve grown so attached to die is pretty tough to think about. They’ve all faced near death experiences before, but they’ve also always come out alive. As a result, it’s an outcome we have grown comfortably accustomed to. However, a core theme of this show is sacrifice and if there’s one thing we’ve learned after four years with Aidan, Josh, Sally, and Nora, it’s that when it comes to helping each other they’d do anything. Dying to protect those they care about in the name of stopping more pain could end this show on a bittersweet note.

Wouldn’t It Be Nice (If We Were Human)

Theory: After four years of an extended metaphor things get literal.

Humanity for Aidan would mean his ability to procreate, have relationships without wanting to murder everyone, and most importantly would give him the opportunity to pass on. Sally has had opportunities at being human, as a zombie and in the alternate universe. With her love for Aidan growing, Sally desires the ability to touch the man she loves. Humanity would grant her that wish. Josh became human for a short period of time, but was ultimately scratched by purebred wolf Liam. He has been unable to come to grips with his wolf and although he seems to have made great progress, an ability to snap at any moment still lingers. Nora has been the one who seems more at peace with her monster. With her pregnancy and motherhood around the corner, humanity for Nora would finally give her the family she’s always wanted without the wolf to worry about once a month.

It’s a rather moving idea that all the turmoil our roommates endured was building to a physical payoff. Not to mention a nice tonal change from previous season enders. The “becoming human” concept would ring familiar to fans of the BBC series, though, as a similar storyline wrapped their finale with a cliffhanger. This ending also leaves us in a place where any of them could wind up right where they started. Monsters to humans just leads to more monsters which in turn leads to a fifth season. The show has diverged so much from the original, we’ve been told that a cliffhanger isn’t in the cards and that returning for another season would be hard considering how things end.

© 2014 Syfy Network -- Photo by: Art Streiber

© 2014 Syfy Network — Photo by: Art Streiber

I’m So Lonesome I Could Die

Theory: Instead of severing a series artery, why not just cut its Achilles heel? The entire trio may not live through to the end, but one of them can.

If there is one person who can beat Ramona, it’s Sally. Sally has encapsulated the powers of centuries of witches and has proved she is strong enough. Unfortunately, Sally’s powers come with grave consequences. Every time she uses a spell she is sent through time, unaware of how long she will be stuck. Through four seasons Sally has strived to help people. Whether her helping warranted good or bad results it didn’t matter. She’s passed up her door once, tried to invoke it again, and has continuously wrestled with the idea of finally moving on. Could she be the one person who is left behind in the end? This would bring nothing but heartbreak, especially if Aidan, Nora, and Josh all died. Leaving Sally alone would be the ultimate consequence to her years of trying to fix problems that weren’t hers to fix.

But what if Sally isn’t the one that gets left behind? The next distressing option would be Josh, as his strength has been heavily linked to his relationship with Aidan and Sally. The series’ penultimate episode also saw him making a choice to live and die for his love, Nora. Josh’s bonds keep him going, so seeing him as the lone survivor would be nearly as bad as Sally. Nora on the other hand is a proven survivor who happens to be one of the most together of the four.

The notion that the love between her and Josh could live on through their baby would achieve the no turning back ending with a heartwarming cherry on top. As for Aidan, his dark, destructive cycle leads to heavy amounts of guilt, but he’s managed to keep on keepin’ on for over 200 years. Closing the show with the character who has grappled the most with death being the only survivor wouldn’t be painless, but it might not eviscerate you. More chances to try and get it right, right?

Oh Don’t You Die For Me

Theory: Perhaps one of the more popular theories, Aidan ends up dead and Sally gets her door while Nora and Josh are left to keep hope alive.

For four seasons Aidan has been on a roller coaster of vampire guilt. We’ve watched him kill, feel remorse, and then kill again. Repeatedly teetering on the brink of death, he’s cited that he would never be able to end himself. With no door to go through, being a vampire is his afterlife. Based on what we know about the episode, Aidan could go out one of two ways: by Ramona or by Josh. Josh’s hand at this point seems likely to do the deed. For over 260 years, Aidan’s struggled with the killer that he is, has lost all of his sons, his vampire loved ones, and even more have died by his hand. Asking Josh to do kill him would be Aidan’s ultimate sacrifice, ending any and all future missteps he takes along the way.

Sally finally receiving her door would close out the series on a poetic note. Our beloved ghost would be able to move on once and for all. We have learned that a spirit existing in the living plane for too long can spell trouble; how long can Sally get away with sticking around, especially if Aidan dies? She stated a few episodes ago that she didn’t have much to stick around for until Aidan professed his mutual feelings towards her. If Aidan were to die Sally would be more open to accepting her door. And after everything she’s done for him, Aidan would want nothing more than to see Sally finally receive the peace she deserves. Moving on would be a great end that would bring the series full circle.

With a baby on the way, Josh and Nora’s happy ending seems the most plausible. Josh’s recent acceptance of his monster side could finally mean that the two can settle down in a place of their own. They’ve also conversed about starting a family together and if it would be possible to lead a normal life while doing so. Josh and Nora have come out on top and have proved that they can indeed start a family together as long as they are both accepting of themselves. Nora being able to trust Josh and his conquering of his wolf will be the key, and Josh being able to keep his wolf at bay and control his own destiny will help their relationship flourish in the end.

Do you agree with our theories? Have any of your own? Let us know in the comments how you think things will end for Aidan, Sally, Josh, and Nora.

Catch Being Human‘s series finale Monday, April 7th at 9/8c on Syfy.

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