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Blood in the Water: Suits Review

By on January 25, 2013

Gabriel Macht as Harvey Specter. Image © USA

When Suits returned last week, we saw Pearson Hardman in grave condition. After the Daniel Hardman debacle, the firm has been left a bit weaker. At least, that is how clients and rival firms are seeing it. In this week’s episode “Blood in the Water,” we get a look at how everyone is coping (or attempting to cope) with the situation.

Harvey and Mike battle it out with Allison Holt, a lawyer from one of their competition firms Pratt and Gould. In addition to stealing some of Louis’s best associates, the cunning woman has her eye on one of Harvey’s clients, Trent Devon. It takes some assistance from Louis before Harvey and Mike are able to win the client over and outplay Allison.

Harvey is in a terrible mood for the majority of the episode. In fairness to him, he was dealt a tough blow with the whole Zoe situation. Still, as Donna aptly points out after Harvey yells at Mike, “I don’t think kicking the dog is going to help.”

Without question, the biggest victim of Harvey’s anger is Louis. Paranoid that Louis may be helping Allison, Harvey accuses Louis of being a traitor. After swiping everything off of Louis’s desk, Harvey rants about how he will never trust him. Even while Louis looks to be on the verge of tears, Harvey states, “You’re the guy that nobody wants, but we can’t get rid of.” It is a bit of a tough scene to watch whether you’re a fan of Louis or not.

Mike’s past actions come back to haunt – or rather to hit – him when Tess’s husband attacks him. It is touching that Harvey’s first reaction to seeing Mike’s bruised face, despite their disagreements, is that he wants to beat up the person responsible. When Louis sees Mike’s wounds, he immediately patches him up with some first-aid. For all of their fighting, all three of these men care about each other to varying degrees. Also, a little tip according to Louis: using other people’s antibacterial cream is basically giving yourself a staph infection.

Unsurprisingly, all of the negativity from Harvey sent Louis looking for a new job. As Louis tells Mike at one point, he doesn’t want to work side by side with someone who “despises” him. Fortunately Jessica fixes things before Louis leaves. She offers him some rare praise before telling him she doesn’t want him to go. In addition to this, Jessica chastises Harvey for his harsh treatment of Louis.

Louis (Rick Hoffman) and Allison (Diane Neal) discuss. Image © USA

Louis (Rick Hoffman) and Allison (Diane Neal) discuss. Image © USA

Whether it was Jessica’s scolding or some appreciation for Louis’s help with Trent Devon, something causes Harvey to soften a little by the end of the episode. In a silent scene, he holds up Louis’s letter of resignation and rips it up. The two won’t be skipping off into the sunset anytime soon, but their wordless exchange is quite meaningful. Of course, the power of that brief moment is a testament to both actors.

While Allison remains fairly unsuccessful in her endeavours, she does manage to plant one pesky seed in Harvey’s mind. After Harvey laughingly rejects her job offer, she reminds him that he is not a named partner at the firm. Pearson Hardman still carries the name of Daniel Hardman, and the ever cautious Jessica is not looking to change that anytime too soon. When Harvey states, “I want my name on that door”, his tone of cool determination undoubtedly sets the stage for some future drama.

Also ominous is the fact that other sharks are circling Pearson Hardman. They may have conquered Allison – for now – but there are other competitors lurking nearby. Our favourite “suits” have an uphill battle ahead of them.

What did you think of the episode? Anyone else entertained by Mike vacuuming up his pot stash? Catch Suits Thursdays on USA.

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