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More Coulson Hints & A New Story Arc in Agents of SHIELD’s “Eye Spy”

By on October 16, 2013


By Felicia Kudronowicz

Last night’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. “Eye-Spy” served up a solid, intrigue laden, teamwork building 45 minutes along with what might possibly be a new season long story arc.

The cold open for the episode didn’t have any familiar faces. In fact, it featured many masked faces – with dozens of people dressed in suits, carrying brief cases and wearing bright red creepy masks. Cue Akela Amador, a former SHIELD agent, who single handedly takes out the mysterious masked men with her eyes closed.

It turns out Akela was a former protégé of Coulson’s, now turned rogue. Coulson discovers the masked men are diamond smugglers who piqued Akela’s interest.  He decides to take responsibility for his former student and is determined to hunt her down with the help of his team.

The team eventually figures out that Akela has a prosthetic eye, which sends her mission briefs but which also basically controls her every move. They hack into her camera stream and are able to find her location. Agent May thinks they should take her out, but Coulson wants to help her. (Is this a new softer side to Coulson, or is it tied to his mysterious ‘recupernation’ in the magical land of Tahiti?) The team manage to bring Akela in, but shereveals that she doesn’t even know who is giving her these messages.

To make matters worse (read raise the stakes) Akela has a kill switch in her eye which will activate if she doesn’t complete her assignments. Skye is able to hack the camera (natch) by putting it into a pair of glasses, enabling Ward to continue Akela’s mission without her handler realizing she has been taken.

The mission ends with Ward getting a picture of some secret code for Akela’s master, after which Akela gets her prosthetic eye removed safely (cringe worthy). We discover that her   handler is just another person being controlled, meaning the real puppet-master mind is still out there. Akela also mentions that Coulson has changed and questions what happened to him. I’m definitely intrigued by that comment. Coulson’s past is subtly placed in every episode so far meaning that answers are surely coming.

This is the first episode that felt smooth and seamless.  There were twists in the plot and some trademark Whedon humor. Notably. it also didn’t end wrapped in a neat little package. I’m loving the idea of a bad guy that doesn’t even have a face yet and we don’t even know what he/she is trying to accomplish.

It’s a great way to kickstart a decent story arc.

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