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New Girl Crowns a Prince in Super Bowl Special

By on February 3, 2014
NEW GIRL: Music royalty Prince (C)  makes a special guest appearance in the "Party Time" episode of NEW GIRL.

NEW GIRL: Music royalty Prince (C) makes a special guest appearance in the "Party Time" episode of NEW GIRL.

By Nicole Bozzani

Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to celebrate a thing called Prince …and the word love.

New Girl pulled all the stops for their post-Super Bowl episode this Sunday with special guest star, and music legend Prince.

The episode began innocuously enough with a typically awkward conversation regarding who will remove Jess’ panties from the dryer. Frankly, the word panties is said far too many times in a two minute span. Enter Jess and Cece and their wonderful announcement: they were almost hit by a car and thus invited to a party at Prince’s house. Nothing says “Sure, I almost hit you with my car. How can I possibly make it up to you?” than inviting two random strangers to a party at world famous musician, Prince’s house – an entire premise already showcased on a classic American sitcom, The Cosby show, when Theo and Denise are almost hit by Stevie Wonder’s limousine. Remember, jamming on the one?

Fast forward to Jess and Cece leaving for the party at Prince’s where Nick Miller drops the ultimate bomb: I love you. How does Jess respond to the very declaration audiences have been waiting for? Finger guns. Clearly not what he expected. Unfortunately, it’s not what the audience expected either. Its awkward but perfectly Nick Miller at the same time. Jess, in typical Jess fashion, freaks out over her actions, but to be fair, it’s not like she was expecting it. She was innocently just getting ready to attend a Prince party. One giant event is enough for one night. She replays her actions over and over when who should overhear her at the party? Los Angeles Dodgers’ star pitcher, and very attractive boy, Clayton Kershaw. How! How could she possibly blow off Clayton Kershaw?! He’s cute. He’s charming. He’s well dressed. He’s the highest paid pitcher in baseball history! And, to be frank, New Girl’s best 3 second guest star EVER. Its clear Jess is all about Nick at this point because who could deny that boy?

Meanwhile, Winston, Schmidt, Coach, and Nick are attempting to crash the party. Winston and Coach pull out their old go-to: Fire and Ice. Somehow this zany and completely ridiculous plan actually works and they are allowed in. Nick and Schmidt attempt the same, to no avail, which leads Nick to “Trojan Horse” a group of models. No word on if the bouncer was fired shortly after his, but he probably should have been. It’s time for that guy to choose a new career path. Schmidt, after failing to persuade the bouncer, decides to climb the wall into Prince’s mansion. We learned two things about Prince here: His house isn’t very secure and he is terrible at frisbee.

The strange bread and butter of the episode begins to unfold when Nick and Jess run into Prince. Yes, the real Prince who is just as strange in this episode as he is reported to be in real life. He spends some alone time with Jess because that’s a thing that happens in real life all the time? Not only does he spend time with her, but they eat pancakes and there’s a montage of her changing clothes like some sort of makeover movie starring fashion stylist Prince! Eventually, through a series of very strange steps, Jess’ new mentor helps her feel comfortable sharing her love for Nick which she eventually does.

For a Super Bowl episode, New Girl definitely pulled out all the stops. Prince, who reportedly loves this show, wanted to guest star and he didn’t disappoint. He’s eccentric and that’s great for a show filled with personality. Not only did the Purple One guest star, but he also performed with Zooey Deschanel. (Would Prince actually perform at his own party? You decide.) For all the hype surrounding this episode, Nick’s reveal wasn’t entirely unexpected but Jess’ reaction and subsequent admission of a return feelings was a little bit if a let down.

Max Greenfield was once again the one to watch this week with Schmidt. He may not have been showcased enough, but his dancing alone made up for Schmidt’s lack of screen time. The chemistry between he and Cece is still palpable and we can only hope it will be revisited soon.

Overall, New Girl’s Super Bowl episode delivered. While it may not have been laugh out loud funny, it was far from disappointing. There were “I love yous,” 2,000 dollar suits, models, weird lemon games, ping pong, and Prince.

Where the heck are Nick and Jess going to go from here? What about Cece and Schmidt? Are there still lit sparks between these two? But most importantly, Jess, how could you just blow off Clayton Kershaw like that? Clayton. Kershaw. Start wearing your glasses girl because that’s one pitch no one with 20/20 vision would miss.