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Reflections on New Girl’s Season Finale ‘See Ya’

By on May 9, 2012

Lamorne Morris, Max Greenfield and Zooey Deschanel in New Girl. Photo by Patrick McElhenney/ © FOX

Creating a satisfying sitcom finale is not an easy thing to do. The central mission of the show is to provide humour, yet the viewers are attached to the characters and want to see real development. Striking a balance between goofy and engrossing is something New Girl has done quite gracefully throughout the first season. As expected, the season finale maintained that balance. However, it did seem to struggle with fitting an abundance of plot into one small episode. Read on unless you haven’t watched it yet – spoilers ahead!

Where to begin? A lot happened in about twenty minutes worth of time. As expected, Nick faced some angry roommates when he attempted to move into his girlfriend’s apartment. In his rage, Schmidt threw baked goods around while Jess tried to scare away the new roommate prospect (guest star Thomas Lennon) by hissing at him.

As it turned out, Nick had his own reservations about moving away from the gang. He made that clear when he drove past his girlfriend’s apartment building and into the desert, throwing his keys into the sandy distance for good measure. This event resulted in Winston hilariously facing his fear of the dark, Jess pretending to be first a roadrunner and then a coyote, and Schmidt breaking up with Cece.

Jake M. Johnson as Nick and Zooey Deschanel as Jess in New Girl. Photo: Patrick McElhenney/ © FOX

That last plotline really came from out of nowhere. Earlier in the episode, Schmidt expressed some jealousy over Cece’s suggestive photo shoot with another model. When Schmidt snuck a glance at Cece’s phone and saw a flirty text from that model, he suddenly felt he needed to let Cece go. Why? He wanted his girlfriend to be happy. Cece’s confused expression pretty much said it all.

Each of the story lines in the episode seemed a bit hurried. Almost immediately after getting closure on Nick’s departure from the apartment, we saw him return without really giving any reasons for it. Even the interviewing and adjustment period of a new roommate could have made up most of an individual episode, rather than just a couple minutes of one. Fortunately they did not also try to include the beginning of a Nick and Jess romance, though the withering looks and subtle hints are building up for a great story in that direction.

Rushed or not, the show was still as entertaining as usual and it will be exciting to watch New Girl address all of these new developments in the already confirmed second season. Here are some ‘laugh-out-loud’ highlights from the episode:

  •      Winston worrying about an attack from werewolves
  •      White Fang references
  •      “How’s the new apartment? Does it smell like new paint and compromise?”
  •      Schmidt and Nick having a little lip action (much to Nick’s dismay)
  •      Jess dancing adorably (and Schmidt… acrobatically) to ACDC’s “You Shook Me All Night Long”

Do you have any favourite moments from the episode? Does anybody else want a pair of Jess’s cozy looking pajamas?

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