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Relationships Tumble in Grey’s Anatomy’s “Two Against One”

By on November 8, 2013


By Lisa Casas (@queenofmynerds)

Grey’s Anatomy’s ‘Two Against One’ it felt like everyone was working against each other, raging against the machine, increasing the tension in some relationships while creating new strains in others.  Can’t we all just get along?  Apparently not in Shondaland, and we do love the drama.  Grey’s got back to what it does best after last week’s silly Halloween episode (loved the maybe zombies) and explored the intricacies our old favorites while mixing in some of the new intern blood.

The episode begins with Bailey up at 4:00 a.m. declaring something is rotten in the state of Denmark, or in her son’s bedroom at least. Her nose knows that there is something slowly rotting in that room, and she’s determined to find it.  The tone is set, and we will soon see that Seattle Grace (sorry, never calling it Grey Sloan Memorial) has its own decay, and it has nothing to do with a piece of forgotten food left in a young boy’s room.

Alex is back and not so brooding in this episode, back to helping kids just the way we like him.  He and Meredith are teaming up to treat a fifteen-year-old boy with a bunch of tumors in his stomach who was too busy living life to notice any symptoms.  Damn teenagers these days!  The doctors decide to surgically remove the tumors with Meredith a little overly optimistic. She’s also feeling good about her research, bringing in a revolutionary 3-D printer and showing off its capabilities to her colleagues.  They are stunned when she creates a… FORK with it. The reactions are hilarious when they see the eating utensil.

In a highlight of the episode, Richard Webber is back. We knew it was coming, but tonight he got his coming out party.  He’s relishing his role as teacher to the interns, and telling old war stories, even finding the energy to argue with the crotchety patient next door. He’s been exorcised of his grumpiness and ready to get on with living.

Unfortunately, it seems his little grouchy demon is now inhabiting Miranda Bailey. Look out because she’s on a tear going after anyone in her way or anyone she lays eyes on.  Ben feels her wrath at home and at the hospital.  Jo feels it when she assists in a surgery. Bailey’s anger is soon replaced with some mental breakdown with full on panic attack.  During surgery she freezes completely, irrationally fearing infection.  She isn’t ready to be back and it’s sad to see our little dynamo turn into a paralyzed, fear-stricken shell of her former self.

April finally gets a little screen time this season in some of the funny but irritating scenes of the night with her fiancé Matthew.  They are visiting with a priest who tells them they scored a 90% on a compatibility test. Of course they did.  April acts like she won the lottery when she hears the score. Just when you think her perkiness can’t get any sunnier… Bam, there’s an explosion of rainbows, and they are declared the perfect couple. Excuse me while I throw up a mini-unicorn right now.  Is it wrong that I route against them and their no sex till marriage pact? Speaking of their virginity (or at least his), Matthew really wants to do the deed before the marriage. He really, really wants it to happen. April seems to be willing but changes her mind saying she respects him too much to let him break his promise.  Wow, next she’s going to say they can still be friends, he has a great personality, and he’s beautiful on the inside where it counts.  Uh oh, another baby unicorn is coming up.

In an interesting pairing Grey’s seems to be exploring further, Cristina and Shane are working hard to save a baby with a bad heart. Things are going south when Shane finds a treatment that involves using Meredith’s new play toy.  Yang shuts it down saying Meredith needs the printer for her study. Uh, Yang, did you forget that Shane’s a shark?  He’s not taking no for an answer.

The ‘relationships in jeopardy’ theme of the night continues with Alex and Meredith in surgery trying to get out the million tumors the teen has, almost an impossible task. Alex thinks it’s time to close the patient; Meredith says no way.  Intern Stephanie joins the mix at Meredith’s request. The ‘two challenge rule’ is called into practice when Alex and Stephanie overrule Meredith and call an end to the surgery.  It’s two against one and we all know how that turns out.  Meredith has a fit and storms out telling Alex to close.  Yes, if I’m ever having surgery, I can only hope decisions are made this way or at least with a lively match of rock, paper, scissors.  Alex confronts his friend realizing that Meredith was acting out of some competition with Cristina, some need to prove herself. He tells her she was a lousy doctor today.  Ouch.  We can only hope the Alex/Meredith friendship will bounce back.

At the end of the episode, Ben tries talking to Bailey telling her he’s concerned, he knows she needs help. Baileys response?  Deny, deny, deny.  There’s no denying the way your fingers are working overtime rubbing each other over and over in some crazy OCD moment.  Bailey’s raging against her husband sends their relationship to the edge.  You’ve got to wonder how long Ben will put up with his new wife – grumpy pants with the crazy eyes. Hopefully, Bailey will realize Ben is in her corner and not against her.

The final scene is Meredith walking in on Cristina and Shane kidnapping her new baby, no not that one… the 3-D printer.  The look on her face is priceless.  She can’t believe her best friend, her person, jacked her printer and derailed her study. All these relationships in peril, everyone mad at everyone else, something is definitely rotten.  Next week should be interesting with bonds being strained even further, relationships stressed to the breaking point.  Hopefully, some of the rot will give way to new growth with the relationships on the mend.  Ah, I’m such a dreamer.

Random Notes

  • Derek confronts the 3-D sales guy who has a twitch and practically forces him to agree to a surgery to fix the spasm.  Meredith says she misses the twitch when McDreamy fixes McTwitchy.
  • The hot doctor Owen rebounded with is back interviewing for a job.  Callie asks her completely inappropriate personal questions that are hilarious.  Hot Doc tells Owen she can’t work here because these are all his people, and if they break up she’d be the bitch that broke his heart.  Wait a minute.  Did I blink and miss a relationship?  When did this happen? I’m so confused.
  • Jackson won’t let the interns do anything, telling Derek that he knows they’re good he’s just “better.”  Derek gets a comical case of Tourette’s calling Jackson “idiot” and “dumbass” in the span of a minute trying to drive home the point that Mark had to let go of control to make Avery a good doctor. Point taken.
  • Alex has two of the funniest lines of the night commenting that Meredith is revolutionizing the world of cutlery and then telling her she thinks she’s Moses or something during surgery.  We also get to see sweet Karev try to cheer up his teen patient after breaking the news that he won’t be able to go home for a while.  Give us a little Jolex next episode, and it will complete me.  Heck, we need to see what happened after TinkerJo showed up on his doorstep last eppy.  They made up, right?
  • Leah and Arizona are still a semi-couple or maybe just trying to conserve water by showering together.  It’ll be interesting to see where this goes and how Callie will react.
  • Veteran actress Lainie Kazan plays Webber’s grumpy next-room neighbor, C.J., in this episode.  The two powerhouses screaming at each other was hysterical, especially when Richard yells, “Close your gown I can see your underwear!”  Her reply? “I’m not wearing any!”


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