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SHIELD Repairs: Ask for Character Background and Ye Shall Receive

By on November 27, 2013

(ABC/Kelsey McNeal) MING-NA WEN

By Felicia Kudronowicz

This week on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D not only did we get an exciting storyline but some information on our favorite stone-faced badass, Agent May. Repairs gave us a look at how the past has a nagging way of reappearing.

The episode starts out, as usual, with an unexplainable disaster. A young woman is being harassed at a gas station and suddenly cans start flying off the shelves. The gas station ends up exploding but manages to leave the woman unscathed.

The first agents to get the new mission are May and Ward who, as predicted, spent the night together. Ward hints that it wasn’t the first time either. Interesting revelation there, and definitely not the pairing I had predicted.

The team is called to help the woman, Hannah, deal with what they think are telekinetic powers. And we’re all thinking Carrie here, right? However, as soon as May and Ward attempt to remove Hannah, her apparent powers come back into action. May quickly decides to tranquilize Hannah and get her into SHIELD custody before anything else can happen to her … or them.

Once they have Hannah in a holding cell, May and Ward (team warm and fuzzy) try to talk to her about her newfound powers. Hannah claims that God has sent demons to punish her for being involved in an accident at her work that caused four people to die.

Meanwhile Fitz and Simmons have somewhat randomly decided that since Skye is new to the team they should start pranking her. They start off telling her that Agent May took out 100 soldiers while on horseback, hence all the cavalry references. Skye brings up this story to Ward who corrects her and says it was actually only 20 people and there was no horse. Just like Skye, we don’t know what to believe!

As Simmons is trying to figure out how Hannah got telekinetic powers, a man appears, smashes their fancy computerized table and just as quickly evaporates. He reappears and cuts the power from the plane and once again the plane is crashing.

While the power is out, Coulson and Skye are trapped in his office. Skye brings up the cavalry/May story again and finally we get the truth. May was sent in on a welcome wagon mission that went south. She doesn’t talk about it but according to Coulson, it changed her. She used to be warm and Coulson is trying to find out if that version of May still exists.

Coulson comes to the conclusion that they aren’t dealing with a ghost or demons, but instead, a man trapped between two dimensions (cue Thor 2 reference). May is able to safely land the plane while this mystery man continues to terrorize everyone on board with a giant wrench. You had to be there!

Skye figures out that this guy is one of Hannah’s coworkers, Tobias,  who died in the freak accident. May uses Hannah to lure Tobias away from “her people.” She gets him talking and finds out that he is stuck between hell and Earth. He is trying to protect Hannah from everyone that blamed her for the accident because it was actually his fault. Apparently Tobias rather stupidly loosened some bolts so he would have a reason to call Hannah, their safety inspector. So much for if you like someone, you should just tell them.

May is able to talk Tobias into leaving by telling him “you can’t cling to the person you thought you were.” She’s definitely projecting from her own past.

In the final scene we see Fitz receiving the classic shaving cream prank. He blames everyone except May who we see smirking for the first time ever.

Carrie references aside, “Repairs” was a well rounded episode. There’s a definite thrill to not knowing who the villain is straight off the bat. Additionally, the show served up an added bonus of some back story on May. She’s a complex and interesting character that I hope we don’t have to wait much longer to learn more about. Also of note this episode? Fitz and Simmons trying to pull pranks. They might have failed miserably but they make a pretty adorable team.

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