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So Many Shows, So Little Time

By on June 26, 2013

Television has been a huge part of entertainment for many decades. Families gather around the TV to watch their favorite shows, couples fight over the remote and teenagers get together to watch their favorite sports games. According to Warming Glow, the average American spends more than 34 hours in front of the television each week. This may be in a dream world for many with crazy, busy lives as their favorite shows seem to outweigh their time.

According to the blog, The TV Addict there are now over 30 top television networks fighting to show high quality television. Some may argue many of the shows aren’t high quality, but each does have an audience. With hundreds of channels vying for your attention, it’s hard to have the time to watch all of your favorites.

If you like reality television, there are so many shows you probably have lost count. Reality television shows make up most of The Learning Channel and many shows on E! Entertainment. A&E hosts both dramas and reality shows. If you enjoy a good family sitcom, you can turn it to the classics like ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC or the newer ones to welcome the sitcom like TBS, OWN and ABC Family. On a typical weeknight each channel may be yelling for your attention. The NBA finals are on one channel while your favorite episode of “Law and Order” is on another channel. The kids may be pulling at the remote trying to switch it to their favorite shows on Nickelodeon and The Disney Channel.

With so many shows and so little time, a DVR is your chance at making everyone in the house happy.

Daytime television is also vying for your attention while you may be away at work or busy taking care of the kids. Talk shows and news shows begin in the morning and usually are on until the nightly news. You may love Wendy Williams, Kelly Ripa and Ellen DeGeneres, but just don’t have time to catch all of the shows. Once you get home, you may get very excited to flip on the DVR for your daily indulgence. Beyond talk shows, game shows often run throughout the day as well. It’s hard in the hustle and bustle of life to sit down to take all of the shows in at one time.

Gone are the days of rushing home to catch your favorite shows or steal the remote away from your family member.

If you’re smart enough to choose the right TV service, you’re saying hello to the days where the DVR holds hours of happiness just waiting for you to scroll through the shows. Best of all, you can skip the commercials and save time to get through your ten other favorite shows in the same day. Television is always a fun source of entertainment no matter if you are watching sports, sitcoms, movies, reality television or anything else that fills up your beautiful television screen.

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