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There Are Ghosts In His Lungs: Twisted “The Truth Will Out” Review

By on August 7, 2013

Avan Jogia, Kylie Bunbury -- © 2013 ABC Family

“Oh my god” is a phrase that probably passed through your lips more than once while watching “The Truth Will Out.” It’s an acceptable response, as the show turned itself – and us – on its heels in nearly every way, with more truths revealed than you can count on one hand. The last 15 minutes in particular were the perfect blend of Twisted’s various genres and was arguably the series’ best writing to date.

Karen’s confession caused quite a stir at the Green Grove police department and though Kyle interrogates her, he doesn’t seemed convinced Vikram’s affair with a dead high schooler drove her to kill. In fact, the only thing Karen’s convinced him of is that she is covering for Danny. Kyle’s police work this episode, while laced at points with malice towards Danny, resembled what we actually expect from our law enforcement.

With Karen behind bars Danny needs a place to stay… and that place turns out to be the Mastersons’ home. Kyle opening his doors definitely read like a chance to apply pressure, but even so his manipulation worked in Karen’s – and Danny’s – favor. Not only did the trio finally share info about Regina’s pay off and Vikram’s place in Connecticut, but Danny revealed why his mother couldn’t have taken the necklace: he found it in his locker.

These two new developments force an unlikely team up between Kyle and Danny, and a less than flattering truth surfaces as a result. As they search Karen’s computer files for evidence of an alibi, the two discover the lengths Karen went to to get Danny back into school. While the suggestive pictures of Principal Tang allude to an unsettling reality, watching Danny and Kyle try to erase what they just saw was one of the show’s best darker comedic moments.

Meanwhile, Jo and Lacey have to deal with some pretty surprising truths of their own. When Rico unintentionally confesses to seeing Karen throw the necklace into the lake, Jo is visibly upset, but not as hard on him as we might have expected. This may have been due in part to her emotional priorities lying elsewhere, a.k.a. with Lacey. We see this the most at the birthday party for Lacey’s younger sister, Clara.

Oddly it all had very little to do with the birthday girl, but we got plenty about Lacey’s home life and how Jo helped her tackle it before their split 5 years ago. Jo seems to have been a tension smoother, and we see this on multiple occasions as she comes to Lacey’s emotional aid and even cools a brewing fight between Lacey’s parents. Clearly things were not picture perfect for Lacey at home, and Jo seemed to act as a soothing agent – a means of helping heal wounds. It also seems that Jo was as feverishly concerned about Lacey and her emotional state as she was about Danny’s.

Jo’s attached to the hip tendencies became even more evident during these scenes, shedding light on why Lacey may have needed space. The Jo we saw at the party wasn’t present after Danny was convicted, and Lacey was left to care not only for the emotions of herself, but her best friend; all on top of an already tumultuous home environment and only being 11. The one time Jo actually steps away from Lacey, she stumbles upon a Porter family secret: Samuel (guest star Allan Louis) is gay. Jo drops the bomb shell at the same time Lacey is ready to reveal her relationship with Danny, pushing her into code red emotional territory.

Watching Lacey’s parents interact was like watching her invisible emotional shield appear before our eyes. And while understanding this and the relationship she once had with Jo is vital, the show missed a prime opportunity to showcase the Porters as a whole. Clara was nearly invisible at her own party and we didn’t really get to see Lacey and Judy’s private reactions to Sam’s forced coming out. Oh, there’s also that. While trying to be a good friend, Jo impeded on someone else’s very private and personal decision. Jo is clearly the “moral compass” character of the show, but one has to wonder whether sharing secrets with either she or Rico is a good idea.

Avan Jogia as Danny Desai, Denise Richards as Karen Desai -- Photo by: ABC Family

Avan Jogia as Danny Desai, Denise Richards as Karen Desai — Photo by: ABC Family

While the show failed to properly hash out the Porters personal issues, it thoroughly touched on the Desai’s long standing ones. Through a series of flashback clips we learn why Danny is so emotionally detached from Karen – and why she is fighting so hard to protect him now. Danny’s closed off behavior appears to be a justifiable response to the “she-beast” comment in the pilot’s opening scene. The two turn things around though in one of Jogia and Richards’ best acted scenes, as Danny’s heart-wrenching plea and Karen’s guilt ridden apologies lend themselves expertly to the show’s family theme.

The cherry on top of this episode’s emotional explosions was the last several minutes. Danny finally tells the girls about the necklace, but their reactions are worse (and more realistic) than he – and we – expected. Coming clean to Lacey and Jo was probably the hardest of all the truths Danny told this episode and it was a commendable thing to do. It doesn’t, however, negate the fact that he lied over and over again to people he hasn’t hurt just once, but who defended and forgave him after. It seemed like he hit his lowest, but Rico may beg to differ after receiving a video message of Lacey and Danny’s late night activities. As the saying goes, the truth will set you free, but is “freedom” really what you want?

Here are my twists, turns, and queries about this week’s jaw-dropper. Share your own twists and turns, as well as thoughts on the episode in the comments below.

Twists: 1. Karen knew about Vikram’s place in Conneticut. 2. Principal Tang is just as much a part of Danny’s mess as the people closest to him.

Turns: 1. Karen wasn’t always the mama bear we’ve seen since the pilot, 2. Kyle may be off Danny’s back and on to doing his actual job

  1. Was it smart of Danny to try and blackmail Principal Tang?
  2. Have Danny and Rico reached a point where we’d consider them friends?
  3. Why might Karen be hiding that she knew about Vikram’s CT apartment?
  4. Do you think it was right of Jo to tell Lacey about her father?
  5. Can the trio recover from Danny’s confession and their fall out or is it better to let the dead rest?

Twisted airs Tuesdays at 9:00 – 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on ABC Family.


  1. Ami

    August 8, 2013 at 3:24 pm

    This episode definitely put me through an emotional wringer, especially during Danny and Karen’s scenes and when Danny confessed to Lacey and Jo. Earlier during the series, I was anticipating the fallout that would happen once the girls found out that he had the necklace in his possession the entire time but NEVER did I imagine that it would hurt this much! I guess it was to expected, seeing that the girls–especially Lacey–had formed some pretty strong emotional attachments to Danny over the past few weeks.

    As for the aforementioned questions, here’s my take on everything:

    1. Was it smart of Danny to try and blackmail Principal Tang?

    Honestly, it wasn’t a very bright idea but I can see how Danny would assume that he could manipulate Principal Tang. Tang seems like a pretty unassuming person–maybe even a “pushover.” I was definitely not expecting Tang to dish out some manipulation of his own and I don’t think Danny was either. It’s moments like these that make me remember that even though Danny’s pretty skilled at manipulating situations for his own personal gain, he’s still 16 years old and has certainly shown to be misguided in his actions at times.

    2. Have Danny and Rico reached a point where we’d consider them friends?

    I think Rico still doesn’t trust Danny 100% but he’s also warming up to Danny. Danny is definitely cheering for Rico when it comes to Rico’s feelings for Jo. Plus, they both care for Jo and they don’t trust Tyler. However, I don’t think Rico is fully aware that Danny actually had the necklace in his possession, (or is he? I’m not too sure about that) and if/once he finds out about that, he’ll be back to distrusting Danny all over again. As is stands now though, there’s certainly potential for their friendship

    3. Why might Karen be hiding that she knew about Vikram’s CT apartment?

    This is certainly one of the major questions that I have about the last episode. I think Karen was definitely the “trophy wife” who supported her husband in anything that he did, just as long as he brought home the money and she could stay at the top of the town’s social hierarchy. If that meant that she had to cover for him in his more “morally ambiguous” deeds, then she’ll do it. To that end, the fact that she already knew about the apartment in CT and feigned ignorance when Danny questioned her shows that she knows a whole lot more than she’s letting on and I don’t think she’ll be revealing those secrets to Danny any time soon. In light of the ongoing investigation to Regina’s murder, these secrets that both Karen and Danny are keeping from each other are only serving to exacerbate the situation between them and it only hurts the other (and their situation) when they make decisions without considering the other first (e.g. Danny keeping the necklace and initially feigning ignorance about its existence, Karen throwing the necklace in the river without Danny knowing, etc.).

    4. Do you think it was right of Jo to tell Lacey about her father?

    Nope, not at all. Outing a person is an extremely insensitive thing to do, and while I understand that it’s even more insensitive for Lacey’s father to keep that information from his family WHILE leading a double life on the opposite side of the country and only visiting his daughters twice a year at the most, it was not Jo’s responsibility to out Lacey’s father.

    5. Can the trio recover from Danny’s confession and their fall out or is it better to let the dead rest?

    I think there’s still hope for the trio but forgiveness will not come easy for Danny. Jo is easily the most sensitive and trusting out of the three, so I think she’ll be the first to cave and reach out to Danny (until she finds out about that video, that is.). Lacey will be much more difficult to come around since she had already opened up to Danny against her better judgment, emotionally (and physically, though it’s unclear how far these two have gone in that regard). She risked so much to be with him, only to find out that he’d been withholding a crucial piece of information that ties him to her best friend’s murder. At best, it feels as though Danny disregarded Lacey’s feelings about Regina in favor for his own happiness. I’d be extremely upset with him with too if I was in her position. If this video gets out to the entire school though, that will definitely put Lacey and Danny in the same rut and they’ll have no other choice but to be there for each other during that difficult time. I also get the feeling that there will be exigent circumstances will force ALL three of them back together again later in the season (but perhaps that’s for January!)

    • Sam

      August 11, 2013 at 12:32 pm

      WOW – I LOOOOOVE THIS COMMENT. It must come from someone smart and observant. I am sure this is how the writers want the viewers to perceive the show. There is so much going on about this show. The sad thing is I don’t think this show is for everyone or for teens except for smart teens. Some kids are just focused on #poorJo (ABC catalyze that too) and want Jo to be with Danny – that is it – that is the teir focur. Ideally Danny is not supposed to be with anyone or for girls to fight over him before he explains himself. The way Jo accepted him almost right away makes her extremely weak. Just because Danny comes in Avan’s face and body, does not mean that we viewers should sit and vote who should be with Danny. Honestly, so far we don’t know why he killed his aunt, until then, everyone should have stayed away from him. I agree – Lacey has risked everything to be with him and she has all the right to decide not to see his face any more. Jo has nothing to loose. She still has Rico – and it is not her best friend who died either. Danny knows how Lacey has difficulties to let her guard down and trust people. He knows that yet while he is nagging her to tell Jo about their relationship while he is keeping this big Secret. Well we will see how it goes from this on. Lacey may have broken up with him, but we all know that Danny is not a kind who easily gives up and I am sure he will do whatever it takes to get her back.

  2. Sam

    August 11, 2013 at 12:42 pm

    Wow, this is the best recap I have ever seen in my entire TV watching life. Thanks for giving us such an amazing insight. I will come to this site more often now.

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