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Top 10 OMG Moments From Revenge’s “Union”

By on February 11, 2013

Image © ABC

Last night’s “Union” marked the much anticipated return of ABC’s Revenge, and although we still didn’t get to find whose watery-grave hand that was at the bottom of the ocean, we did get an episode filled with unexpected plot developments, heartbreak, blackmail and even a death. There was plenty here to surprise, intrigue and plain annoy fans. Amanda, we’re looking at you.

In no particular order (although my favorite was cliff-top Aidan and just about everything that came out of Victoria’s mouth this week) here are our top ten OMG moments from last night’s episode.

1. Emily Revenge-Writes a Check

We saw the red sharpie again last night, but this time it was used to write a check that would buy back Jack and Amanda’s debt to Conrad. Emily was incensed when she discovered the Graysons had bought a stake in the Stowaway, telling Amanda “Charlotte is not your sister and more than Conrad is her father. The Graysons are, and always will be, the enemy.” Ouch!


2. Jack Ditches His Manly Stubble … And the last Ten Years of His Life

Jack shaved off his fishing stubble in preparation for his wedding – and somehow managed to look like he shaved off about ten years along with his beard. Jack Porter, We Do … I mean … we approve.




3. Aidan’s Sister is Alive … Dead … Alive … Dead!

Nolan helped Aidan to discover that his sister’s “overdose” video was actually six years old, and that her recent death wasn’t recent at all. As Aidan went off in search of answers in a condemned apartment building in Jersey City, Emily worked uncover an old coroner’s report which proved conclusively that Aidan’s sister is … dead. We think …


4. Victoria Walks in on Conrad and Ashley!

Victoria walked in on Conrad and Ashley – but for once the Hampton’s biggest schemers were simply in the middle of a business meeting.

“Victoria, do you mind, we’re actually in the middle of things!” snaps Ashley.

Oh and fully clothed, how refreshing!” Victoria remarks, without missing a beat.




5. “Watch who you’re calling Black, Little Kettle!”

Gabriel Mann’s Nolan gets all the best lines on this show. After hearing how Aidan’s family were pressurized into becoming part of the Initiative’s plane bomb plot, Nolan wonders if Padma might be facing a similar situation – particularly since she hasn’t spoken to her father in over a month. A quick shake of the tree proves Nolan right, but Padma is too scared in talk in what might be a bugged office.

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6. Amanda Rifles Through Emily’s Personals!

The ever hot-headed Amanda uncovered Em’s Revenge Closet (for when the revenge life gets too complicated for a Revenge box) this week, but then made the monumentally stupid mistake of using Emily’s laptop footage of Conrad admitting his involvement with the Initiative to try to blackmail him into giving Jack back his half of the bar. Phew! And to complicate things even further, Ashley overheard the entire conversation. Watch out Ashely. You might be next.


7. Aidan Breaks Emily’s Unbreakable Heart!

Aidan made the decision this week that perhaps revenge is not a dish best served cold after all, ditching Emily so that he can go ventilate those responsible for murdering his sister Colleen. Emily’s heartbreak in the cemetery when she beseeches Aidan to stay (and he simply keeps walking) sort of broke our hearts too.  The fact that Aidan reappears later on top of a cliff with the wind billowing his white shirt like some hero from a romance sort of makes up for it. Just a little bit. Sniff.


8. Nolan Admits He’s been on to Padma All Along!

When Padma admits to Nolan that her father is being held captive by the Initiative in return for the ‘Carrion’ program, Nolan tells her he didn’t hand over the finished version, and that he has suspected Padma for quite some time. Despite Padma’s heartfelt reassurance that her feelings for Nolan are real, our favorite reclusive billionaire isn’t so sure. You tell her Nolan!


9. Victoria Kills Helen Crowley!

For a moment, we doubted Victoria’s resolve. As Crowley points out in those final moments in the poolhouse, this is a woman who cried for twenty years after betraying David Clarke. Does she really have it in her to murder someone in cold blood? But as fans of the show know, Victoria is a remorseless mother bear when it comes to her children, and there’s nothing she wouldn’t do to protect them. The initiative is down one agent and the Graysons are looking a little more like the Adams family every day.


10.  Nate Ryan Somehow Manages to Go Undetected on Jack’s Small Boat!

Just how did Nate Ryan manage to stow away on Jack’s tiny boat anyway? We don’t know, but we have a feeling things are going to go downhill (read under water) for Jack and Amanda from this point on. Amanda, Amanda, Amanda. You kind of brought this one on yourself, didn’t you?

Revenge returns with “Sacrifice” on Sunday February 17th on ABC. And in case you can’t wait that long, check out the latest promo trailer for the episode below.

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