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TV REVIEW: The Clairvoyant is Still One Step Ahead in “End of the Beginning”

By on April 2, 2014

(ABC/Kelsey McNeal) MING-NA WEN

By Felicia Kudronowicz

This week on Marvel Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D things take a turn when the team track down the clairvoyant in the End of the Beginning.

Agent John Garrett (Bill Paxton) is back and wastes no time jumping into the action when the SHIELD safe house is compromised by the former Michael Peterson (J. August Richards). This guy has definitely seen better days and with all his recent enhancements (not to mention all those scars) he has truly earned his villain status as Deathlok.

Coulson and his boss Victoria Hand decide that it’s time to take the fight to the Clairvoyant. Coulson gives Skye permission to return to the team and even gives her a SHIELD badge, signifying that she is now an official agent. It’s cute how proud the team is of Skye, especially Ward. Their sexual tension is hinted at multiple times throughout this episode. Garrett notes that Ward is a different person now that “someone” has had a big impact on him and some things are meant to be. Heads up SkyeWard shippers, I think by the end of the season we are going to be getting a Skye/Ward kiss, if not more.

SHIELD follows Deathlok in an attempt to ambush him, but he is always a step ahead. He stomps on Agent Blake, putting him in critical condition but Blake manages to shoot him with a tracker so they can locate him again. May shows up to try and take him down but Deathlok wants nothing to do with her and just runs away.

Fitz uses the tracker to find Deathlok again at an abandoned racetrack. They go in and are led to the basement of the building. There they find a sickly man hooked up to a collection of complex machines, unable to move or even talk for himself. Using a machine to do his speaking for him (and it’s every bit as creepy as it sounds) the man reveals that he is the clairvoyant. However Wards cuts short his monologuing about how he is ‘always watching’ by shooting him in the chest and killing him instantly.

But wait! While attempting to communicate with Simmons  back at the HUB Fitz discovers their communications are being monitored. Skye and Coulson put it together that the comatose man was probably a decoy and the clairvoyant is – plot twist – most likely a SHIELD insider using all of their files to make it look like he/she knows everything.

Skye meets up with Fitz and they determine that the double agent has to be Agent May. Fitz cuts off her communicator and they try to take her down. Just as they have her cornered the plane changes its route and we see Victoria Hand ordering a death sentence for everyone aboard the plane except Coulson. Way to not take any chances, Hand!

This episode was pretty crazy with new information at every turn. The episodes are becoming more focused and we are getting closer to answers. Despite all the craziness, there’s still plenty of trademark humor and even some sexual tension. I’m also extremely happy to announce that it looks like we are going to get the rest of the season without any more reruns. Finally!

I can’t wait to see what May has to say for herself next episode.

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