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TV REVIEW: Ghost Children are the Worst on Being Human’s “Ramona the Pest”

By on March 25, 2014

Sam Witwer as Aiden. Image © Syfy

Ghost children are the worst, aren’t they? One minute you’re minding your own business, watching some Dance Moms and drinking a latte, and the next minute they show up trying to play Monopoly with you, wreaking havoc on your whole day.  Listen, I love Monopoly as much as the next person; but when you have a ten year old ghost child who will straight up murder you if she doesn’t own Park Place AND Boardwalk, we have a problem.

I wasn’t the only one this week having issues with an awful little ghost child; the roommates of my very favorite Syfy show were also encountering some horrible experiences with a dead little girl named Ramona.  Being Human’s antepenultimate episode, “Ramona the Pest,” was a bomb of emotions, drama, and killer (literally) action.

The Secret Room: Sally’s werewolf body possession had sent her body back into the room introduced at the beginning of the season– the room where “Lil’ Smokie” had been sacrificed.  It didn’t take long for Sally to understand that this room was adjacent to Josh and Nora’s as she could hear them arguing over their relationship right through the wall.

Down in the basement, Aidan was once again having another sexy dream interrupted.  This time the interruption was led by Nora and this time the dream was a confusing encounter with a corporeal Sally.  Aidan didn’t have much time to dwell on his fantasy or his morning wood as Nora was too busy looking for a sledgehammer to bust through the secret room.

“OH YEAH,” Aidan shouted as he burst through the boarded up wall in his best Kool-Aid man impression.  The roommates, in bewilderment, tried to figure out what this room was, why they had never found it before, and wow, this could have been a great craft room! A dried pool of disco-era blood and newer formed tally marks had left the gang worried.   Unfortunately, any redecorating ideas and investigations were thwarted.  A lethargic Mr. Malik had dropped by to lay the final bomb: the house had been sold and they had until Monday to get out.

Image © Syfy

Image © Syfy


The DMV of Horror: After a semi-sweet conversation about the state of their attraction, Aidan and Sally had confronted the fact that any physical relationship they could dream of in this world would only hinder their friendship.  Aidan had experienced too much grief in all of his past relationships and he couldn’t imagine losing Sally on top of it.

Aidan’s relationship with Sally wasn’t the only one left in turmoil.  A quick drop-in on the funeral home found Kenny and Astrid fighting over their future together.  Astrid was unsure of what she wanted and Kenny was sure that he loved her and running away together was their best bet.  Kenny lamented that he was a perpetually seventeen year old and it was time he started acting and living as one.  Getting out of town and starting over with Astrid was the key to his happiness.  Aidan couldn’t refute, he agreed with his son, even scheming an all too easy plan to fake Kenny’s death.  The only person left to convince was Astrid.

Aidan begged for Josh to help talk to Astrid, but he refused.  Josh didn’t want to get involved with any werewolf-vampire tragedy.  Aidan was left angry and hurt and the two began to bicker to the point of mirroring alternate timeline Josh and Aidan.  Knowing what she knew about the past and the future, Sally wasn’t going to let a little argument explode.  Luckily for the trio another girl was quick to jump in.  Lil’ Smokie Ramona had finally shown her face, introducing herself and her life to the roommates.  She had been stuck in the same room for over forty years, pretending to be friends with the gang and listening to them talk for years.  All she wanted was to talk to her twin sister, Beatrice, the same woman Sally and Zoe had tracked down weeks earlier.

Sally and Aidan jumped on the Beatrice search, tracking her down to her place of work at the DMV.  What transpired was a hilarious back-and-forth spat between the vampire and ghost as they once again discussed the circumstances of their relationship.  “No more jerking, just exploring!” Aidan jabbed.  He had feelings for Sally and her mentioning the possibility of finally getting her door had cemented his affections for her. Unfortunately for Aidan the customers of the DMV weren’t as open to supernaturals and he ended up looking like a candidate for a psych ward as he bickered with thin air.

Events didn’t get any better at the DMV, though.  A confrontation with Beatrice sent her calling security on Aidan; the mere mention of Ramona had hit a rough spot.

Image © Syfy

Image © Syfy

A Deadly Confrontation: Nora had arrived back at the house to meet with Astrid, hoping Josh would join her.  However, Josh had too much on his mind and helping Nora and Astrid was not one of them.  As Josh sauntered back to his room to continue packing, a knock at the door brought not only a sullen Astrid, but the entire pack including Mark, Andrew, and Aidan’s previous week make-out partner.  With a gun pointed in Nora’s direction by Astrid, the pack demanded to know where Josh was.  They wanted to show him his wolf progeny, hoping it would inspire him back into their wolfy cult.

Ramona wasn’t having it.  She locked Josh in the room, forcing him to change into his wolf in order to save Nora from the pack.  As Aidan and Sally arrived back home the scene in front of them presented the entire pack, including Astrid, ripped to shreds.  Aidan’s heart broke as he knew the death of Astrid would send Kenny into despair.  The full moon was coming, though, and Nora and Josh had to quickly find a place to change.  Sally, taking the blame for the massacre, decided it was her job to confront Josh’s wolf with him and find a way to finally control the beast inside of himself.

Out in the woods, Sally explained to Josh that in order to help save him she would have to jump into his body.  Josh reluctantly agreed, using the meditation he learned from Pete (RIP Pete!) to let Sally into the darkest part of his mind. The two ran from the wolf at first before Sally was able to teach Josh to accept it, to let it in so they could co-exist together.

Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire: Aidan had volunteered to stay behind and clean up the house.  Disastrously, Aidan’s idea for help included Kenny and his vampire minions.  As Kenny ran into the house, unable to find Astrid, Aidan came clean…sort of.  He regrettably explained to Kenny that the pack had retaliated against Astrid for declaring her plans to leave town with Kenny, omitting the fact that Josh was the one to do the deed.

Kenny collapsed next to Astrid’s death spot, what was he going to do now? A pan to the secret room showed Astrid’s body, mangled and murdered, out of sight from the teen vamp.  Leaving her body for his own disposal once Kenny and the cleanup crew were gone, Aidan painfully bagged her body as Ramona looked on.  The tally marks on the floor had suddenly grown in numbers.

The next morning, Josh and Nora finally reconciled.  He had accepted his wolf and Nora could see the pain and regret written all over Josh’s face.  The wolves and Sally returned home to find the house spotlessly clean.  Aidan confessed he had lied to Kenny to protect Josh and Josh was eternally thankful.

Except wolves can turn into ghosts and Astrid’s ghost had found her way to Kenny.  She apologized for ruining everything and confessed that it was Josh, not the pack, who had murdered her.  The looks on Kenny’s face a mixture of grief and pure anger.

Things we need to discuss:

– RIP Astrid (and I guess the rest of the pack…not really)

– With Astrid dead and the truth finally revealed what will this mean for Kenny? Will his anger be directed towards Josh, Aidan, or both? Early on in the season we learned just how jealous of Aidan and Josh’s relationship Kenny was; the fuel to the fire will only heighten any retaliation planned by the youngster.  Aidan seemed to be trying to protect both his best friend and his son, but his plans usually backfire on him.  As a fan of Kenny and Josh I am torn and will probably be throwing my computer at a wall by the end of next week’s episode.

– What is Ramona hiding from the roommates? The tally marks on the floor seem to represent the number of people who have died within the house.  I don’t think my heart can handle anymore tallies.

– How have the roommates never realized they had another bedroom upstairs? Didn’t they wonder where those random windows on the outside of their house led to?

– Also, why is Aidan sleeping in the basement again?

– Only two new episodes remain of the series.  Nothing has slowed down and there seems to be no signs of doing so.  Remind me to take three Xanax next week; my usual two didn’t cut it. (PS: HENRY NEXT WEEK!)


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