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TV REVIEW: Being Human “House Hunting”

By on April 1, 2014

(Photo by: Philippe Bosse/Syfy)

Did no one heed my warning last week? Ok, let me reiterate.  Ghost children are the WORST.  Not only do children have the capabilities of being creepy when they’re alive, but just think of the possibilities once they’ve been dead and stuck in one room for forty years.  The games they come up with are terrifying.  Hide and Seek and Murder? Duck, Duck, Stab? Ring Around the Dead Body? Yeah, all of those games were created by ghost children.

If last week’s peek into the Being Human shanty’s secret room complete with its very own evil ghost child wasn’t enough, this week took that introduction, charged it to 100%, and knocked the characters down to their weakest vulnerabilities.  In the end we were left with changed relationships, a new discovery, and a devastating death.

So, let’s talk about Being Human’s penultimate (cue my tears) episode, “House Hunting.”  Quickly though, because I have to make sixteen therapy appointments and declare my insanity before the series finale next week.

Moving On Up: As the roommates prepared to move on with their lives, Aidan wanted to make sure that everything in his life was on track.  He visited with Kenny, now aware of his father’s lies about Josh’s wolf murdering Astrid, and begged him to get out of town, change his name, and start over.  However, Kenny was hell-bent on revenge. He wanted the person responsible for Astrid’s untimely death to pay.  Aidan pleaded with Kenny that revenge was only a temporary solution and that seeking payback would only leave him empty inside– a feeling Aidan knew all too well.  Kenny gave Aidan every opportunity to come clean, but alas, in Aidan’s mind keeping the details of Astrid’s death a secret from Kenny was protecting both his progeny and Josh.

Back at the house, the roomies were confronted by Ramona.  She didn’t want them to leave; who would she play with once they were gone? The adults of the house held a little meeting where Sally declared that it was her job to help Ramona move on even though “corduroy is traditionally the mark of the devil.”

(Photo by: Philippe Bosse/Syfy)

(Photo by: Philippe Bosse/Syfy)

Nora and Josh’s story was finally coming together.  Josh could feel the control of his wolf and Nora was finally ready to settle down and begin her life with Josh as a newly married couple.  Meanwhile, Aidan was spit-balling ideas for his next move, including moving out to Pete’s RV that was still nonchalantly chilling in the middle of the woods.  Sally and Aidan flirted with the idea of staying together and Aidan coyly asked if Sally would “haunt” him.  Ah, young love.

Back in the living room, the roommates hilariously fought over the future of their shared appliances and pieces of furniture, including the ever elusive Dog the Cat Man Dude statue. Visitation rights were set and Josh and Nora would keep the oddity in a catcher’s mask.  Sally and Aidan retreated since neither of them could really use anything from the house.

Ramona the Game Changer: As the foursome fought over appliances, Ramona sat and stirred in her creepy little room.  “What about me,” she repeated over and over.  No one would leave the house without Ramona and she was going to make sure of it.

The gang’s packing was cut short as Beatrice, Ramona’s now grown twin sister, had arrived at the house.  She had come to warn them; if they could see Ramona that spelled nothing but trouble.  Beatrice revealed her life story: their parents had joined a devil-worshiping cult who required a human sacrifice.  Beatrice’s parents kept Ramona locked up in a secret room, grooming her for their sacrificial purposes.  Beatrice tried to play and acclimate Ramona, but at ten years old it was too late.  Their parents, along with their fellow cult members, murdered Ramona in hopes of having the secrets of the world revealed to them.

Ramona confronted Beatrice.  They were twins, their bond was stronger than even death, and that meant Beatrice could see the ghost of her sister.  Unfortunately, Ramona couldn’t believe Beatrice’s story.  She blamed her for letting her die all those years ago.  Ramona used all her power to painfully murder her twin, leaving her dead body on the floor.

Horrified, the gang knew they had to run fast.  They tried exiting the house, but were thwarted.

 (Photo by: Philippe Bosse/Syfy)

(Photo by: Philippe Bosse/Syfy)

Daydream Believer: Ramona’s powers were stronger than anyone could have guessed; she was the evil of the house personified.  The roommates weren’t going anywhere and she would make sure of it, even if it meant murdering all of them.

She sent each roommate into a nasty confrontation that would send them spiraling. Aidan came face-to-face with a ghostly Henry, who convinced him that all his notions of vampire death were false.  There was an afterlife for him and all he needed to do was end himself.  Josh was confronted with the ghost of Julia, who also convinced Josh that killing himself would spare any future pain.  A drunken Emily appeared to Nora, persuading her that Josh hadn’t conquered his wolf and that to protect her and her (SURPRISE!) unborn child Josh would have to die.  Finally, Sally was visited by a jealous and naked Kat.

Sally quickly snapped out of her hallucination.  It was her job to pull her roommates back from the destructive brink the ghost child was creating.  One by one everyone was snapped back to reality, including Josh who had been standing over the hallucinated dead body of Nora.  The foursome banded together, declaring to Ramona that their bond was stronger than her.

You Bastards! Ramona laughed at their declaration that they could beat her.  She had fed off their carnage and bloodshed for years and would continue to as she was the house; the original evil within the walls had all started with her.  Ramona’s last move of the day was one that would forever change the course of their friendships.

Kenny barged into the house, calling for Aidan.  The elder vampire tried to deflect Kenny and get him to leave, but his son had finally come to confront him.  Kenny demanded Aidan tell him the truth about Astrid.  The young boy screamed for Aidan to see it was Josh who stood in the way of their father-son bond, but Aidan couldn’t see it that way.  Kenny pulled out a stake.  Aidan had sought his revenge by murdering Bishop and Kenny would do the same; the circle of life.

The two vampires continued to fight as the rest of the roommates were kept sealed within Ramona’s room, unable to help their friend.  The little girl menacingly guffawed as she knew what was going to happen next.  In a final blow, Aidan turned the stake on Kenny, accidentally lodging it into his heart.  Aidan tried to get Kenny not to move, they would fix him.  But Kenny knew the truth.  This was his last breath and he comforted Aidan, explaining that the short time he spent outside his bubble was more life than he would have ever lived otherwise.  With the last bit of strength remaining, Kenny used his final words to compel Aidan into believing that Josh had destroyed Sally and it was Josh’s fault for all of Aidan’s pain and suffering.

(Photo by: Philippe Bosse/Syfy)

(Photo by: Philippe Bosse/Syfy)

With Kenny dead and the blood only starting to boil, Ramona released the ghost and two wolves from the room.  They ran downstairs to an overly distraught Aidan.  The scene was all too familiar to Sally, though, as the flash-forward she had witnessed when she bungeed through time was transpiring in front of her.   “It was the one thing that gave me any hope!” Aidan howled at a confused Josh.  The vampire lunged toward his best friend. Cut to black.

Things we need to discuss:

– Nora is pregnant!

–  Where did Beatrice’s body disappear to?

– WHERE ARE SALLY’S OMBRE TIGHTS!? Where can I get myself a pair of ombre tights?

– Will Aidan get a new microwave with the same awesome popcorn setting to nuke his blood?

– I wasn’t impressed with the use of Kat to scare Sally.  Sally has had a long journey and cheapening her hallucination to Aidan’s ex didn’t do justice to her character and struggles.  Robbie, Donna, or even her father would have been a better match at emotionally weakening the ghost-witch.

– Only one more new episode of the entire series remains.  Can they all make it out alive? Kenny’s compulsion on Aidan will have to be broken in order for the roomies to band together to destroy Ramona.  Whether that means a happy or an ominous ending, I don’t know.  Can a show like Being Human technically have a happy ending?

One more thing:

At the beginning of season three we were introduced to the sick, lonely boy in a protective hospital bubble, Kenny (Connor Price).  No one knew where exactly Aidan’s relationship with Kenny would lead to; he had just lost his first vampire son, Henry, and he was trying to stay clean of the virus that was killing off the vampire race.  As the season progressed, Aidan and Kenny’s bond grew closer.  Aidan confessed to the all too smart teenager his true nature, which began the journey to this last episode.  Kenny was complex, interesting, and a wonderful fit as Aidan’s vampire progeny.  The stance on Kenny has been divided; people either loved his character or wanted to see him dead, especially after becoming the leader of Boston.  Secondary characters are meant to play backup to the leading cast, but Being Human took that and expounded upon it, making Kenny pivotal to the overall story.  Kenny became not only one of my favorite characters on the show, but his entire story line kept me enthralled from the beginning.  Connor brought sympathy and empathy to the teenager who only wanted to impress his “dad.” Kenny fought hard and long for acceptance and left the show beautifully (albeit his compulsion on Aidan).  Bravo to Connor and the writers of Being Human. They created a character that elicited strong emotions, truly what television is meant to be about.

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