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TV REVIEW: Cas Wins Himself a Following on Supernatural’s “Captives”

By on February 26, 2014

Misha Collins as Castiel. Image © CW Network

Where have these weeks flown to? Are the Olympics over already? Who won the gold medal in women’s figure skating? Just joking, I totally know it was Tara Lipinski.

With our regularly scheduled programs back on track that must mean it’s time for more Supernatural!  Yes, our beloved brothers were back this week and brought along with them a dearly missed, fan favorite mother and son duo, as well as the reappearance of that angel guy in a trench coat people talk about on the internet sometimes.

“Captives” wasn’t the most thrilling episode, but it was a tearjerker, eliciting some bitter sadness in the coldest (and deadest) of hearts (mine).

After waking up to some lights flickering and objects moving on their own, Sam and Dean knew that something fishy was up in the bunker.  Catch was, there was no way a spirit could be haunting the underground safe house unless they had died there recently.  After hearing some funky beeps from the coffee maker, Sam quickly began to entertain the idea that Kevin could be haunting the space, even though Dean had given him a proper hunter’s funeral (burning of the body).  Sam reminded Dean that Bobby stayed tethered to the living world, so why couldn’t Kevin?  Dean wasn’t sold on the idea, as it would mean he would have to come face to face with his guilt over Kevin’s death.

Meanwhile, Castiel was continuing his mission to find Metatron (quick side note: I had almost forgotten about Castiel’s mission because of his short absence from the show.  Can this never be allowed again, please? Cas should be a requirement for every episode from now on).  In his quest, he learns of a faction of well meaning angels who had been killed by Bartholomew.  Maybe Barty knew where Metatron was?

Pictured (L-R): Adam J. Harrington as Bartholomew and Misha Collins as Castiel -- Credit: Diyah Pera/The CW

Pictured (L-R): Adam J. Harrington as Bartholomew and Misha Collins as Castiel — Credit: Diyah Pera/The CW

Back at the bunker, Dean was beginning to come to terms with the fact that the spirit haunting the dinging coffee maker was, in fact, Kevin.  “It was on me.  It was my fault.”  Dean uttered out loud, trying to apologize for the mistakes he had made with Kevin.  And what do you know?  A spirit broke through the veil and it was none other than Kevin! (Hi Kevin! I’ve missed you!)

Kevin scoffed at Dean’s pity party; he didn’t have time for the eldest Winchester’s sorrows, informing the brothers that since heaven was closed off to everyone all the spirits were just hanging out beyond the veil.  Through his time on the other side, Kevin learned that his mother was still alive. It was time for Sam and Dean to do him one last favor.

In order to find Ms. Tran, Sam and Dean had to make a quick trip to the woods to try and summon another spirit by the name of Candy.  With the coffee maker in tow, the two set off to find the truth about Ms. Tran.  Once summoned, the boys learned that Candy and Ms. Tran were being kept in a storage facility by none other than Dean’s BFF Crowley and a mystery partner.  Candy and Ms. Tran were locked away and tortured by the demons until Candy escaped, which ultimately lead to her death.

Castiel’s luck wasn’t much better.  After being apprehended by two angels, he was finally taken to meet Bartholomew.  Bart informed Cas that he no longer takes orders, he gives them, and he wants the angel to join on his side to find and destroy Metatron.

Credit: Diyah Pera/The CW

Credit: Diyah Pera/The CW

It doesn’t take long for the boys to find the storage facility mentioned by Candy or to learn that the hipster front desk worker is Crowley’s assistant. And guess who is still being held captive? It’s Ms. Tran! She’s alive! Sam saves Ms. Tran, or should I say that (badass) Ms. Tran saves Sam and the two rush to save Dean, who has now been knocked unconscious by Crowley’s whiny intern.  But, not before Ms. Tran questions the whereabouts of Kevin.  In the moment, no words are needed.  A pained look in Sam’s face signals to Ms. Tran that her son has departed the living world.  This only adds fuel to her fire; she still wants to be taken to her son immediately.  Ms. Tran is given the demon killing knife and ends Crowley’s minion, freeing them all.

Back in angel land, Castiel is wary of Bartholomew.  The two begin to duke it out as Bart sees killing angels as a means to peace and Castiel would rather spare them, even refusing to kill Bart when given the chance.  Bartholomew tries to retaliate and kill Castiel, but Cas beats him to the punch, ending him with his angel blade.  The End? Nope.  Several angels seek out Castiel, pledging their allegiance to him.  A new faction is beginning.

Finally back and safe in the bunker, Ms. Tran is reunited with her son’s spirit (No, that’s not tears, that’s just water falling from my eyes).  She finds the item, his father’s ring, that is keeping Kevin tethered to the living world and announces she’s taking her son home with her.  It’s her job to protect him as long as she’s alive and it’s Kevin’s job to protect his mother.  Before the mother and son depart, Kevin begs Sam and Dean to put their differences aside; their fighting has been obnoxious to watch from the other side.  Dean seems to be in agreement but Sam’s not ready yet.  He retreats to his room without a word spoken.

Where was Crowley and Abbadon? What was the point of keeping Ms. Tran and co. in the storage containers? Will this new faction of angels prove useful to Castiel? Is the haunted coffee maker going to be a series regular in season 10?

At this point in the season, it’s time for Castiel to reteam with Sam and Dean and to start propelling the storyline further on the Winchester end.  The closure with Kevin and Ms. Tran was necessary and heartbreaking.  If the brothers still can’t move past their differences even under Kevin’s insistence, who knows what will finally unite the duo.

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