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Family Themes Set to Dominate in Grimm’s Second Season

By on May 20, 2012

David Giuntoli and Russell Hornsby in Grimm. Image © NBC.

This article contains spoilers for Grimm’s season one finale episode ‘Woman in Black’ and also for the first episode of season two, ‘Bad Teeth.’

Family looks likely to be a recurring theme as Grimm kicks off its second season later this year. Fans were treated to a cliff-hanger style reveal in the closing moments of the season finale episode ‘Woman in Black’ when the mysterious hooded woman (guest star Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio) trailing Nick and the dangerous coin-hunting assassin Akira Kimura (Brian Tee) turned out to be Nick’s mother.

Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio as Kelly Burkhardt in Grimm. Image ©NBC

Indications are that Kelly Burkhardt (Mastrantonio) is a Grimm like her son. Why did she allow Nick to think she was dead all these years? Was her return linked to the coins, or to fears over her son’s safety? And what about Reed Burkhardt, Nick’s father? The answers will no doubt keep fans guessing until the show’s return, as will Adalind Schade’s plans for Juliette and Hank’s struggle to accept the Wesen world.

However Nick’s family isn’t the only one set to dominate events in season two. Fans have heard mention of the mysterious ‘Seven Families’ throughout the first season and know they are linked to Captain Reynard. (Sasha Roiz). A recent casting call for episode 2.01 ‘Bad Teeth’ (directed by Norberto Bara) calls for Eric, a sophisticated, handsome European man in his 40’s and in good shape – who just happens to be the brother of our own Captain Reynard. The character of Eric Reynard is also set to recur throughout the second season.

Sasha Roiz as Captain Reynard in NBC's Grimm.

Apart from family, what other surprises can Nick expect to face when Grimm returns to our screens this Fall?  Check out this little teaser: Marnassier, a very muscular and imposing man who morphs into a Mauvais Dentes – a saber-toothed killing machine who is virtually unstoppable, and always deadly.

We can’t wait!


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