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First Details on NBC’s “Go On” Episode 1.03

By on September 1, 2012

Brett Gelman as Mr. K, Matthew Perry as Ryan King -- (Photo by: Justin Lubin/NBC)

NBC released new details on Go On’s third episode today. The show, premiering September 11th, stars Friends Matthew Perry as Ryan, a widower forced into bereavement counseling by his boss, who discovers that the diverse group he’s obliged to meet with on a weekly basis may not be what he wants, but exactly what he needs.

In episode 3, ‘There’s No “Ryan” in Team,’ airing September 18th, Ryan’s attempt to solve Sonia’s (Sarah Baker) problem backfires when he urges her to dump her boyfriend, against Lauren’s (Laura Benanti) advice. When the consequences get out of control, he realizes Lauren may be wiser than he realized. And while trying to keep busy and avoid being lonely, Ryan makes increasing demands on his assistant, Carrie (Allison Miller), while rekindling George’s (Bill Cobbs) love of basketball.

Julie White, Tyler James Williams, Suzy Nakamura and Brett Gelman also star.

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