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First Hints on The River Episode 1.06 ‘Doctor Emmet Cole’

By on February 15, 2012

The River Images Copyright ABC

A new casting call for The River’s six episode ‘Doctor Emmet Cole’ suggests a back story exploring the fate of the original crew of the Magus.

The call goes out for Manny, a dependable member of Emmet’s crew who comes face to face with his worst fear. Check out the official wording below.


Director: Michelle Maclaren
Writer: Michael Green
Location: Honolulu, HI
Shoot Dates: o/a 10/7-10/19

[MANNY] 30s to Early 40s, Adventurous, strong, witty and also deeply spiritual. Manny is a responsible, religious, down-to-earth, dependable member of Emmet’s crew. He is one of only two crew members willing to follow Emmet into the jungle on a mission that everyone else thinks will lead to certain death. When faced with Il Tunchi, an evil spirit that makes one face his greatest fears before viciously killing him, Manny sees a horrifying image of his dead, cancer stricken mother – she is the reason he’s on this trip but has become the reason he will not survive it. Guest Star. All ethnicities. Spanish speaker a plus.

The episode ‘Doctor Emmet Cole‘ is set to air March 6th on ABC.

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