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First Look at ABC’s New Crime Drama “Motive”

By on April 23, 2013

(L-R) Louis Ferreira as Detective Oscar Vega. Kristin Lehman as Detective Angie Flynn (ABC/Kharen Hill)

Person of Interest explores who who did it. CSI explores how it was done, but ABC’s newest crime drama Motive will set out to explore why the killer chose his or her victim each week.

The Premise

The show, from Daniel Cerone (Dexter, The Mentalist), stars Angie Flynn as a loving, single mother and a damned good homicide detective, who along with her partner, Detective Oscar Vega, searches for clues that will lead them to the killer of the week.

But, according to ABC’s bio for the show “Motive turns the tried-and-true crime drama formula on its head by identifying the Killer and Victim at the beginning of each episode. As the mystery unfolds, winding between revealing flashbacks and present time, viewers will navigate the twisted and complicated maze of each murder, solving the puzzle alongside Detective Flynn and her team, piecing together more of the mysterious connections that drove the Killer to commit murder.”

The Core Characters

Rounding out the homicide team are Dr. Betty Rogers, a medical examiner with a quirky sense of humor that belies the grimness of her daily job; Staff Sergeant Boyd Bloom, the Squad Room Supervisor, who was sidelined from the streets a few years earlier by a bullet; and Detective Brian Lucas, a young detective who is eager to learn from the best and is fascinated about the often grisly procedures.

Angie doesn’t suffer fools or authority figures lightly; her disarming, street-smart attitude often leads criminals and co-workers alike down the garden path, only to realize later that they’ve made a major mistake by taking this sexy, sassy force-of-nature at face value. At home Angie only wants the best for her teenage son, Manny, who is one of the few things in life that she feels she did right. But as far as Manny’s concerned, being the son of a cop is not the easiest gig in the world – ABC

The Creative Team

Motive stars Kristin Lehman (The Killing, Judging Amy) as Detective Angie Flynn, Louis Ferreira (SGU Stargate Universe, Rookie Blue) as Detective Oscar Vega, Lauren Holly (NCIS, Chicago Hope, Picket Fences) as Dr. Betty Rogers, Roger Cross (24, Arrow) as Staff Sergeant Boyd Bloom, Brendan Penny (Whistler) as Detective Brian Lucas and Cameron Bright (The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2) as Manny Flynn.

Motive was created by Daniel Cerone (Dexter, The Mentalist), who executive-produces the show along with James Thorpe, Louise Clark, Rob Merilees, Rob LaBelle, Erin Haskett and Lindsay Macadam. Developed by CTV, the series is produced by Foundation Features and Lark Productions in association with Bell Media, and distributed by NBCUniversal International.

The Verdict?

Motive might just be the next Castle – but only if the chemistry between the characters is played just right.

First look images from the show follow below.


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